DJI Mini 3 Pro, a tiny and professional drone

DJI Mini 3 Pro, un drone minuscolo e professionale thumbnail

The DJI Mini 3 Prothe drone professional is formed pocket-sized. Let’s find out all the details together.

DJI Mini 3 Pro, a mini but professional format drone

The very small but very efficient DJI Mini 3 Pro it is as powerful as it is portable. Featuring a weight less than 249goffers greater safety, a sensor from 1 / 1.3 inch and functionality of high level. This tiny but amazing drone has been redesigned for optimize performance. Moreover it is characterized by a new stabilizer which allows users to take more shots creative and perfect for social media.

Mini 3 Pro then sports a completely new look e optimized to get the most out of every flight. The innovative design delivers greater autonomy of flight e safety thanks to larger propellers it’s a’aerodynamic inclination of the body.

The redesigned stabilizer offers a wider turning radius for taking low-angle shots and enable the new feature Vertical shooting, allowing for endless creative opportunities. Every aspect of this makeover has been carefully considered to take the Mini series to levels never seen before.

Let yourself be amazed by the sharpness of videos shot in 4K / 60fps and from photo a 48 MP. Mini 3 Pro also boasts a sensor 1/1.3” CMOS, aperture f / 1.7 e video in HDR. So don’t be fooled by the mini look because this drone is amazing.

In addition to flying with ease, the Mini 3 Pro has the tri-directional detection obstacles that ensure safe flights while taking advantage of high-end features such as FocusTrack, MasterShots and so on. What’s more, the Intelligent Flight Battery delivers up to 34 minutes of autonomyenough to meet your shooting needs.

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