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DJI RS 3 and 3 Pro: features and prices of the new DJI stabilizers

DJI RS 3 e DJI RS 3 Pro are the new stabilizers of the Chinese company, already available today at authorized dealers and on the official website. What’s new? Let’s find out features and price of the new Ronin.

DJI RS 3: the main features

The principle behind the new DJI RS 3 it’s pretty simple: allow video makers to act quickly. This philosophy takes concrete form in a redesigned axle locking system, with the processor now automated; in essence, you just need to turn on this Ronin and then leave the axis blocks to deploy and stabilize the stabilizer, allowing the operator to start shooting in seconds.
But this is only the beginning. DJI RS 3 can now enter sleep mode by pressing the power button once, making starting, storing and moving the product even faster.
Also appears a new Bluetooth-based shutter button, which means you no longer need to connect a control cable to the camera.
Then improved the stabilization, which makes it easier to use the Ronin when shooting at low angles, on the road or even from a moving vehicle. Plus we have SuperSmoooth mode for lenses with focal lengths up to 100mm, designed to further improve stabilization.

We find all this in a resistant body, which weighs little less than 1.3 kg and is capable of hold a weight just under 3 kg. Integrated we find a new 1.8-inch OLED color touchscreen display, with most of the configuration operations that can be done from the display, without needing to connect to the app. DJI also has redesigned the user interface e interface logic to put all control rights at your fingertips, including a new physical switch that operators can slide to instantly toggle between pan follow, pan follow, tilt follow and FPV modes.

And autonomy? The Chinese company guarantees 12 hours of operation, with the ability to use the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) connector to power the DJI RS 3 even while you’re using it.

DJI RS 3: price

DJI RS 3 is available for purchase today in two versions:

  • single, for sale at 559 €, with stabilizer, BG21 grip, USB-C charging cable, lens mount holder, extendable handle / tripod (plastic), quick release plates, multi-camera control cable and a kit of screws;
  • Combo, priced at € 729with a Handle Grip, Focus Motor (2022), Focus Motor Shaft Mounting Kit, Focus Timing Belt, Second Multi-Camera Control Cable, and Carry Case .

DJI RS 3 Pro: the main features

It also arrives on the market DJI RS 3 Proan even more professional version of the Asian stabilizer with extended arms in carbon fiber to allow a greater balance space for commonly used professional cameras, such as Sony FX6, Canon C70 and RED Komodo, and a still low weight (about 1.5 kg). The load capacity? 4.5 kg.

There is no shortage of automated axis blocks, the Bluetooth shutter button, the 1.8-inch OLED touchscreen and the stabilization mode selector already seen on DJI RS 3 but in addition we find the DJI LiDAR (RS) distance detector, capable of projecting 43,200 detection points within a distance of 14 meters. A next-generation focus motor provides three times more torque with one-step mounting, enabling autofocus on manual lenses without the need for repetitive calibrations. In addition, the LiDAR distance detector is equipped with a chip developed by DJI, identical to that used for the Ronin 4D, and with a built-in 30mm camerawhich increases the computing power of ActiveTrack by more than 60 times, creating ActiveTrack Pro. This means that DJI RS 3 Pro can identify and track the subject accurately, allowing professional cameras to maintain a stable attitude and sharp shots in even more dynamic scenarios.

We then have two RSA / NATO ports and a battery port to connect it to various accessories, including the new handle grip, the double Twist Grip and the Control Handle.

Finally, the DJI RS SDK protocol allows third-party manufacturers and individual developers to create custom shooting solutions for the RS 3 Pro.

DJI RS 3 Pro: price

DJI RS 3 Pro is in pre-order from today, also in this case in two variants:

  • standalone, a 879 €, with included stabilizer, BG30 Grip, USB-C charging cable, lens mount holder (extended), extendable handle / tripod (metal), quick release plates, handle grip, multi-camera control cable, screw kit and carrying case;
  • Combo, a 1109 €, which also includes an extended quick release plate, smartphone holder, focus motor (2022), focus motor shaft mounting kit, toothed focus belt, image transmitter Ronin (formerly known as the DJI RavenEye Image Transmission System), two hook and loop straps, and additional cables.

DJI Transmission: DJI’s wireless video solution

In addition to DJI RS 3 and DJI RS 3 Pro also comes Transmission, DJI’s first independent wireless video solution. It is a system that combines reception, monitoring, control and recording in one solution.

On board we find Q3 Pro transmission technology which allows the transmission system to offer an incredible transmission distance to ground of 6km with ultra-low latency from extreme to extreme, with the addition of a DFS band in addition to the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz settings, thus offering up to 23 channel optionswith an integrated frequency sweeper that scans the environment to choose the best one.
The video is transmitted at 1080p / 60fps and provides a live audio monitoring at 16 bit 48 kHz, offering teams an excellent remote visual and audio monitoring experience.

Available a 7-inch 1,500 nit high brightness remote monitor, with integrated receiver to eliminate the need for video cables; then we have support for the use of multiple receivers, two transmission modes (Control and Broadcast) and obviously the possibility of combining it with DJI RS 3 Pro. Among other things, the gyroscopic sensor integrated in the monitor allows it to become the motion controller of the new Ronin while pairing with Ronin 4D grips help the RS 3 Pro operator control stabilizer, focus, exposure and start / stop recording with both hands.

In addition to simultaneous access to video timecodes, the High Brightness Remote Monitor allows independent recording and playback of H.264 movies at 1080p / 60fps, making it easy to edit sample footage on set.

DJI Transmission: price

DJI Transmission is in pre-order from a 2319 €with the package including a DJI video transmitter, DJI high brightness remote monitor, remote monitor cap, installation tool kit, protective case, two WB37 smart batteries, one WB37 battery charging station and one series of cables and adapters for batteries.

The Standalone Video Transmitter and High Brightness Remote Monitor will also be available for separate purchase for € 1109 and € 1319 respectively.

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