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Meta Quest, Horizon Home and parental supervision arrive

He had already shown it Mark Zuckerberg in preview, but now it arrives for all users of the metaverse. Meta Quest launch thesoftware update v41 for all viewers in the world with Horizon Home, where to meet your friends in VR. In addition, new parental supervision tools arrive to oversee the VR experience of the youngest.

Meta Quest v41, Horizon Home arrives e la parental supervision

The Home you enter while wearing your M headseteta Quest is a familiar place to return to after playing and exploring the metaverse. It can take on the appearance of a mountain cabin immersed in the snow or those of a cyberpunk apartment. But now it becomes a place to be with friends.

Horizon Home becomes a personal gateway to the Metaverse, where you can meet friends. With v41 you can invite friends to your Horizon Home environment. And from there you can launch multiplayer experiences (including Beat Saber, Demeo and Echo VR).

Or you can do as Mark Zuckerberg, who he looked with Alex Honnold The Soloist VR, or explore the International Space Station with ADAPT Space Explorers: The ISS Experience as Samantha Cristoforetti does in reality.

Parental supervision tools

The update v41 also brings news for parents and guardians. Which can access the following functions:

  • Block specific apps that might be inappropriate
  • Approve purchases and downloads based on its IARC rating. Children over the age of 13 can send a request to access these apps, with notification to the parent who can approve or deny.
  • See all installed by minors
  • Purchase notifications”, Even when an app is being downloaded, or when a gift is sent or received.
  • Know how much time children spend in virtual reality
  • See the boys’ Oculus friends list
  • Block Link and Air Link, thus preventing children from accessing content on their PC

Meta has also launched the Parent Education Hub, which includes a guide to Connect Safely’s VR Parenting Supervision tools. For ensure that children over 13 years of age (below can not use Meta products) both protected and parents / guardians informed. Not just a home in the metaverse. But a safe home.

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