Doctolib: new round of funding to accelerate digitalization

Doctolib: nuovo round di finanziamenti per accelerare la digitalizzazione thumbnail

After only 6 months from its launch in Italy, Doctolib has announced a new round of funding. Thanks to this new round, the company will be able to develop new services for both healthcare personnel and citizens. In this way, taking advantage of the new round of funding, Doctolib aims to enrich its services by simplifying access to care.

Doctolib has raised 500 million euros with a new round of funding

The new round of financing of 500 million euros for Doctolib confirms the confidence of historical investors in the project. Currently, Doctolib is valued at € 5.8 billion and can count on 300,000 healthcare professionals and 60 million patients in Europe. The new round of funding will allow the company to accelerate the digitalization of healthcare, both in Italy and in Europe. In the future, the company will launch a doctor-to-patient messaging system to simplify communications and care management. The television function will be available to everyone within the year.

The CEO’s comment

Nicola Brandolese, CEO of Doctolib Italia, he declares: “This new round of funding allows us to contribute even more to the innovation of Italian healthcare. It provides us with the means to invest in our people, technologies and services for our users. We are proud to play an active role in the digitization of the Italian health system, at the service of all citizens ”