Destiny 2: Queen of Whispers review, another epic expansion

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Sons of the Traveler get ready, because another glorious adventure awaits you in Destiny 2. The hard task of keeping interest in a title released nearly 5 years ago seems to be a no-brainer for the team. Bungie. Once again the historic software house raises the bar with La Queen of Whispers, the latest expansion of Destiny 2 and this is her review.

The new DLC brings back on stage Savathn, the terrible Hive Goddess returned to attack the Guardians of the Light. With her come new missions, weapons and news in terms of Gameplay in addition to the expected return of the planet Mars. But something unexpected catches the Guardians off guard, the hive is able to use the powers of the Light!

Our review of Destiny 2, The Queen of Whispers

The struggle between the force of the Light of Darkness has always been a central theme in the Destiny saga but with The Queen of Whispers it takes a whole new and unexpected turn. In this expansion, the Guardians begin to investigate the planet Mars, returned to his place after the disappearance in “Beyond the Light”, but something is wrong. The planet is indeed altered by visions of the past which date back to the golden age of its colonization by humans. These are temporal disturbances that will soon turn exploratory analysis into a furious struggle.

In fact, we will soon discover that theHive is using Mars as a base to hit the Guardians and that Savathnsister of Oryx, the Taken King, has returned bent on destroying them. A no holds barred challenge begins, sensational sets and a plot full of emotions. The Hive is indeed more powerful than ever and to everyone’s amazement, it is capable of use the powers of the Light. In fact, the heralds of the Hive possess, just like us, a Ghost that grant him the same abilities as we do, including a shield and a return to life after death.

Together with our spectacle and two other companions, we will have to face a long challenge which will take us to the Three World of Savathûn, his kingdom corrupted but, at the same time, immersed in the Light. What lies behind this unlikely alliance?

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers


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That conquering whisper

The Queen of Whispers review

The main campaign, lasting about 15 hours it must be played in a team of three players (or alone) and has two difficulty levels: Standard and Legendary. While the former offers a classic challenge, at the level of previous expansions, the latter will seriously test your skills as a Guardian. The Tronomondo it is in fact full of threats and enemies and the Hive will give you a hard time. The numerous clashes will often force you to change your style of play depending on the enemy you are in front of and who, let’s not forget, can now use the powers of light.

Fortunately, we will have a series of innovations on our side, also designed to face new threats. Among these, we find the Forgiaa tool that will allow you to create and customize a variety of weapons. This is an interesting entrance to the crafting to the world of Destiny 2 which will allow you even more to customize your gameplay. Benefits and upgrades can in fact be selected by yourself and adapt them to the style of play you prefer.

Staying on the subject of weaponshonorable mention should be made to Falcione, a new type of weapon that combines ranged and melee attacks. It is in fact a kind of white weapon capable of carrying out extensive body-to-body damage but which, if necessary, is capable of firing energy charges from a distance very powerful. But it does not end there, the Falcione also allows you to activate, for a few seconds, one energy shield able to protect you from incoming bullets.

Although our style of play almost never includes hand-to-hand combat, the Falcione proved to be a pleasant and fun discovery, sometimes essential for the success of certain battles.

The Tronomondo and the unmistakable style of Destiny

Destiny 2 The Queen of Whispers

Honorable mention must be made for the Tronomondo, the main play area of ​​the expansion as well as the kingdom of Savathûn and the headquarters of the Hive. It is an incredible mix of charm and restlessness with incredible architectures like crystal immersed in the Light that the Hive now uses. The various sections are distinct from each other and feature regular and well-balanced intervals of exploration and combat sequences. There are also small “platform” sections (pass us the term) in which to explore the new game world even in its verticality.

But let’s not forget that we are still in the realm of the Hive, whether past or present. The mammoth structures of Light alternate with rotten swamps and drains between one area and another, revealing the true essence of the Hive. Here too a series of landscapes alternate before our eyes, beautiful and terrifying at the same time, in a prefect Destiny style.

The new raid: Disciple’s Promise

With the new DLC comes a new inevitable raid, Promise of the Disciple. The Raid will be available after the end of the main campaign and takes place exactly at the end of the latter. This raid re-introduces the Witness, a true incarnation of the Darkness and another formidable Villain, disciple of him, into Destiny 2.

The Raid consists of five very specific phases during which you will have to face, together with 5 companions, a series of challenges of increasing difficulty. In addition to the classic hordes of enemies and fearsome Bosses, there is an interesting puzzle sequence in which you will have to work with the rest of the team to solve it. Also in this case the game areas will be very developed vertically and will offer you new ways to attack the many incoming enemies up to the epic final battle with Rhulk.

The review of The Whispering Queen in a nutshell

The Queen of Whispers turned out to be one of Destiny 2’s best expansions and has managed to show that Bungie’s interest in this spectacular title shows no sign of waning. An intriguing and well-written plot, adrenaline-fueled clashes and many new features make it one of the expansions that no true Guardian can do without.

No expansion like The Whispering Queen has re-entered the flame of love for Destiny 2 in us and we hope it can burn for a long time to come.


  • An intriguing and well written plot
  • Finally the Forge!
  • One of the best raids ever made


  • Not too many “craftable” weapons
  • The rest of the Destiny 2 world has been a bit ignored