Does Facebook not know how to manage user data? Here is the internal report

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An internal report shows the concern of Facebook engineers: the platform does not have the suitable preparation to manage i user data. The “Privacy engineers“Of the social network would in fact have explained that they cannot explain the management of information to local regulators, because there is no internal control.

Facebook, an internal document shows the (lack of) management of user data

In the document leaked online the team of Facebook Ad complains about the impossibility of communicating transparently with i local regulators (for example the Italian Privacy Guarantor), precisely because there is no internal control over the data.

“We don’t have a adequate level of control and ability to explain how our systems use data. And therefore we cannot confidently make controlled policy changes or external commitments such as ‘we will not use X data for target Y’ ”explain the report’s authors. However, they specify that this is exactly what the Privacy Guarantors and the courts expect.

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In the document it appears that Facebook databases have “open borders“For data collected directly from social networks, for those dthird parties and even sensitive information. So checking a specific data pool becomes complicated.

The company has denied the possibility that it is having difficulty meeting the limits set by regulators. But this document will likely convince privacy bodies around the world to request confirmations from Facebook.

Facebook is currently rebuilding the ad infrastructure to deliver targeted advertising even to iOS users who refuse app tracking. Apple’s transparency measure has cost over 10 billion for Facebook. But the new doubts about data processing in the platform could lead to further changes. We will keep you posted.

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