Does iPhone 12 emit too much radiation? What’s happening in France

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L’Apple iPhone 12launched in 2020, is causing discussion in France for its alleged electromagnetic radiation emitted. France raised concerns about the level of radiation emitted by the device and asked Apple to stop selling the phone, claiming that it exceeds European standards in terms of absorption of electromagnetic energy by the human body. However, Apple has rejected these claims, claiming that its device is in line with global radiation standards. And the WHO has repeatedly confirmed that there is no conclusive data on any negative impacts of smartphone radiation on health.

iPhone 12, radiation too high according to France?

This controversy comes just days after Apple unveiled its latest device, the iPhone 15, at the Wonderlust event. The implications could be significant for the tech giant, considering the iPhone accounts for the vast majority of Apple’s revenue.

According to tests carried out by France on 141 cell phonesthe iPhone 12 shows an electromagnetic energy absorption level of 5.74 watts per kilogram when it’s held in the hand or carried in the pocket. This exceeds the European Union standard, which is 4 watts per kilogram. The National Frequency Agency then asked Apple to take immediate steps to resolve this situation on phones already in use and threatened to recall devices already sold if this did not happen.

The World Health Organization (WHO) examined the effects of cell phone radiation on human health and concluded that most of the energy emitted is absorbed by the skin and other surface tissues, with negligible impact on body temperature or internal organs. The research also highlighted that there is no conclusive data to support negative health consequences resulting from exposure to radiofrequency fields at lower levels.

The French digital minister said that the phone’s radiation levels are however far below what scientific studies find alarming. But he still asked Apple to respond within two weeks.

Apple’s response

Apple responded to the accusations defending the iPhone 12 model and pointing out that the phone It has passed numerous tests international organizations. Apple said it will continue to cooperate to demonstrate compliance of its product. And who intends to contest the results of theNational Frequencies Agency. We will keep you posted.

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