Dolby Atmos becomes more accessible

The Dolby Atmos audio standard will finally also be available in Vestel company’s entry level and mid-range televisions

The support Dolby Atmos it is no longer reserved for high-end televisions with unreachable prices. Vestel, the large multinational behind many brands that produce TVs worldwide, is implementing extensive support for the Atmos standard.

Not many TVs have powerful speakers, but Dolby Atmos support in a TV also allows the user to stream audio to a soundbar or external receiver via HDMI. Dolby Atmos support first arrived on TVs in 2017, where it was reserved for high-end TVs. In the years since, support has extended to mid-range TVs while streaming providers such as iTunes, Netflix e Disney+ they have begun to offer content that takes advantage of the audio standard.

Dolby Atmos becomes more accessible

Dolby Atmos support is now, after only four years, becoming a standard feature even in entry-level TVs, as evidenced by Vestel’s announcement that it is rolling out support for most of the company’s 4K Smart TVs. Vestel, for the uninitiated, is the mid-range TV manufacturing company for many important brands in the sector.

The statements of the insiders

Altinkaya line, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management, Vestel, ha affermato:

“This wider launch of Dolby Atmos is an important development, allowing us to help raise the bar for everyday TV audio. Now even more of our television ranges will be able to offer an accessible, ready-to-use immersive audio solution that can greatly enhance the viewing experience. ”

Javier Foncilias, VP of Commercial Partnerships at Dolby Europe, said:

“It is fantastic that Vestel is offering its customers the best of both worlds with its latest range of televisions. Consumers will be able to enjoy incredible picture quality and an extraordinary audio experience with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, engaging viewers in the on-screen action. “

We remind you that to take full advantage of Dolby Atmos you need a compatible external audio system. For full quality Dolby Atmos from a Blu-ray disc or game console, the TV must also support HDMI eARC.

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