DOOM Eternal: new horde mode available

Finally, the new update 6.66 of DOOM Eternal is available that enriches the game with the long-awaited horde mode and more

DOOM Eternal is the latest published chapter of the historic saga of first person shooter license plates Bethesda. The title was well received extremely positive both by critics and gamers and it was even nominee as game of the year.

Although it has been a long time since its release, the title continues to be still heavily played and obviously, updated. In fact, the new one has recently been published patch 6.66 of DOOM Eternal which enriches the game with the highly requested horde mode and not only.

Lots of news with the new DOOM Eternal update

DOOM Eternal patch 6.66 brought a load of free content for all players. The Update introduces the new arcade mode Horde fashion, the improved experience of Battlemode 2.0 e two new Master levels. Below you will find all the information on the main additions of this patch:

  • Horde mode
    • Start with a full load of upgrades, runes and upgrades but only armed with a shotgun with Mastery unlocked.
    • Defeat waves of demons to unlock more weapons and complete three challenging levels.
    • Complete all combat and crossing events to unlock more than 7 new skins, including the DOOM II Slayer and the Centaur Slayer!
    • Challenge yourself and rival Slayers to get the highest score on the seasonal leaderboards by playing at the highest difficulty levels, completing bonus rounds, killing demons with a bounty, avoiding super weapons and more.
  • Battlemode 2.0
    • Discover an enhanced version of Battlemode, the competitive 2 vs 1 multiplayer mode in which two player-controlled demons take on a heavily armed Slayer. This version introduces a brand new matchmaking system based on winning streaks and new rewards, a new arena (Fortress) and a new playable demon: the Knight of Terror.
  • Two new Master Levels
    • In the Core of Mars and Spear of the World Master levels, challenge yourself with special versions of demon battles for a whole new experience. Show the world that you have overcome challenges worthy of only the greatest Slayers.

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