La squadra femminile inglese di Dota 2 vince l'argento al primo Global Esports Games 2021 thumbnail

Dota 2’s English women’s team wins silver at the first 2021 Global Esports Games

Teams from more than 80 countries competed in an eSports event that did not have cash prizes: here, the Dota 2’s English women’s team has conquered thesilver during the first Global Sports Games 2021.

Global Esports Games 2021: Dota’s English women’s team takes silver

Tournaments were held during the event Street Fighter V, Dota 2, Dota 2 Women ed eFootball PES. The inaugural games have taken place since December 17-19. The English teams were led by Vexed Gaming’s Chief Gaming Officer, Mark Weller, come team manager.

The Dota 2 women’s team played on the main stage, conquering silver.

Great Britain team manager Mark Weller commented:

Great Britain team manager Mark Weller commented:

Closing the first global esports games with a silver medal and 2 fourth place finals (1-2 and 2-3) is a fantastic start. Our trip to Singapore was complicated but I feel we are building the foundation for something truly fantastic with your esports GB roster. I think we can walk away proud, showing that Britain is home to some exceptional talent and I look forward to building more on this foundation that we have laid in 2021.

Here is one instead brief overview of the tournament in which the team competed.

Equips 2 Women

First, Britain faced the Mongolia in the semifinals with the possibility of securing a place in the big endings. The team secured the 2-0 win where their next match would see them face off against the home team: Singapore. Moving on to the main stage, Great Britain started the first game of the series best of three with a win, taking the 1-0 lead against Singapore. After a long game full of exciting moments, the host country drew the series 1-1, bringing it to the maximum.

In the end though, after well 70 minutes of play, Singapore triumphed, still allowing Britain to earn silver. For more information you can consult the official website.

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