Dragon Age 4: Development is progressing well, according to the study

The production on Dragon Age 4 seems to be fine, according to a recent update by BioWare: the game has completely disappeared from the radar after just a few teasers and many fans are wondering what happened to the project. Now, according to the software housethe project should be in full production with the creation of the game world.

Dragon Age 4: Development is progressing well

Here is what BioWare stated in the official press release:

“As for the upcoming Dragon Age, we are in the middle of production, and it’s a good feeling. Our guidelines were completed last year, so now we’re focusing on building our vision: creating great environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cutscenes, and more. The game project has a very specific direction and the team is motivated. “

Seven years have passed since the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition and nearly four years since the first images of the fourth chapter were published during the The Game Awards. Since then, news about the new Dragon Age series title has been mixed: a short trailer here, some concept art and short stories there, as well as a report claiming that EA has abandoned the idea of ​​adding multiplayer elements to the game after the Anthem’s failure.

Meanwhile, BioWare has promised that will post several updates on the game over the next few months, a sign that maybe something is actually starting to move. On the other hand, the development of the game was actually complex for the studio, which in addition to having to manage the congenital problems of the software house, also had to deal with the pandemic, which certainly played an important role in the delay of the works.

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