Google saving data from Chrome: no longer needed

Google il risparmio dati da Chrome: non serve più thumbnail

From browser version 100, Google has decided that it will remove the option ‘Lite‘ for the data saving on Google Chrome. According to the search giant, that functionality is no longer needed, with the cost of data falling worldwide.

Google Chrome, data saving option deleted

For years, Google has offered an entry in their browser’s Settings called Lite. By activating it, users can limit data consumption. What happens is that they log into one ‘simplified’ version of the web pages, which speeds up opening and limits data consumption. By deleting some elements from the pages and blocking others.

However, Google has announced that it will remove this option starting with version 100 of Chrome, which is about to debut. The option, available from 2014 on all versions of Google Chrome, will disappear from the browser starting withMarch 29, 2022.

Among the various reasons that led Google to this choice, the most important is the fact that it is simply no longer needed. Or at least, to far fewer people. A fast connection becomes more and more available around the world, with the costs are falling in most countries where you can download the software.

In addition, Google explained that having optimized Chrome especially for Android made the feature superfluous in terms of page loading speed. The Mountain View company has specified that it will commit to speed up e optimize Chrome, beyond the Lite option.

Some users around the world may still have metered connections and loading problems. And they will find themselves forced to search new browser options. Fortunately, on both Windows and Android, there are plenty of alternatives they can try. However, most Chrome users don’t use the Lite option and will not notice the steps.