Dragon Age 4: here’s what the release period would be according to a well-known insider

A well-known insider talked about the alleged release period of the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4 and the rumors are in line with what was stated

Dead Space made a comeback in style with the announcement of the remake at yesterday’s EA Play Live 2021. There were, however, several other headlines and illustrious absentees missing from the show in question. Impossible not to mention in this case the next Mass Effect (announced last year at The Game Awards) and the next new entry in the popular BioWare RPG saga: Dragon Age 4 which has made “great progress”, according to Christian Dailey, the head of BioWare Austin, and theexit it would now be closer (but not too close). According to a new report by Jeff Grubb of Gamesbeat, in fact, it would seem that the game is ready for a release in the course of 2023. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Dragon Age 4: the release period would still be far away but development would be proceeding according to plan

L’exit from Dragon Age 4 fixed at 2023 it would be in line with what was also claimed by various other sources who are particularly familiar with the project in question. An EA spokesperson did not offer many comments on the alleged release period, the latter limited himself to reiterating that the date has not been announced and BioWare does not plan to make it known at this time. Grubb notes that the sequel was intended as a ‘narrative adventure based on the single player although this does not necessarily mean that the online multiplayer component will be completely absent.

Dragon Age 4: here's what the release period would be according to a well-known insider

This aligns with a relationship of Jason Schreier Bloomberg dating back to February 2021. Meanwhile, as you may already know, the internal structure of BioWare has changed a lot following the abandonment of some prominent members who worked on Dragon Age 4 (more details on this here).

As for the release window, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen said in 2019 that the game would “likely” be released after the fiscal year. 2022 (starting from 1 April 2022). In short, Dragon Age 4 is still far from release, but Grubb believes EA is waiting for the project to reach a position where marketing can begin. This could happen in 2022, but we will have to wait for more details (and plans may very well change).

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