Dragon Age 4: the creative director abandons the ship

Dragon Age 4: il creative director abbandona la nave thumbnail

Dragon Age 4 just lost its senior creative director Matt Goldman, that he left BioWare after more than twenty years of honorable service and working on the likes of Mass Effect, Anthem, and Knights of the Old Republic. The general manager of the software house, Gary McKay, has already reassured fans that the quality of the fourth chapter of Dragon Age will not be affected in any way.

Dragon Age 4 loses senior creative director

A spokesperson for BioWare also commented on the matter, who explained that Goldmann left the project management in excellent hands and that the team will carry out its creative vision. At the moment, however, there is no news regarding who will replace the director to continue to define the creative direction of the game.

This represents yet another high-profile departure from the studio and the project Dragon Age 4, which lost executive producer Mark Darrah in December last year. BioWare also struggled with the Anthem bankruptcy and the departure of studio general manager Casey Hudson.

Since its announcement during the 2018 Game Awards, there have been small and flimsy updates on the development progress of Dragon Age 4, which for still remains a mystery in almost all of its mechanics and settings. The game should pick up the story from where we left off in Inquisition, which has fielded several really interesting narrative ideas.

Although the software house has reassured fans about the quality of the title, it is realistic to imagine that the abandonment of Goldman’s ship will at least lead to a slowdown in the works, which already seem to be in a still rather preliminary phase of the project.