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Suzuki celebrates World Children’s Rights Day

On the occasion of the World Children’s Rights Day last November 20, Suzuki organized a dedicated event, adhering to the noble initiative. The event in question took place last November 19th in the Avigliana park, just outside Turin. Suzuki, for the occasion, welcomed 50 young people from the Defendente Ferrari Middle School in Avigliana. The company organized a meeting to talk about the legacy that today’s society must leave to children: a cleaner planet.

Suzuki celebrates World Children’s Rights Day by talking about the environment

Scholars also took part in the event of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta he was born in Avigliana Lakes Natural Park. The participants in the event had the opportunity to talk about the ecosystem and its protection. Among the topics at the center of the event there were also plastic waste, one of the largest pollutants on earth.

In this regard, Suzuki confirmed its desire to reduce the use of plastics with a series of initiatives that confirm the importance ofapproccio “plastic free“. The event was also attended by Massimo Nalli, President of Suzuki Italy. The manager introduced the boys to the #lavalacqua device. It is a Suzuki outboard technology that can remove microplastics from seawater.

The company comment

Massimo Nalli, President of Suzuki Italy, he declares: “For Suzuki, the ideal car is the one built using the least amount of raw materials and energy, capable of running with reduced fuel consumption and emissions and built with fully reusable parts”.

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