Dragon Ball Fighterz: Android 21 is available today

Su Dragon Ball Fighterz arriva Android 21 thumbnail

Good news for Dragon Ball Fighterz players, who will have a new fighter available from today: Android 21.

The new Dragon Ball Fighterz trailer introduces us to Android 21

Bandai Namco developers unveil a new original character, which will be available to players from today Dragon Ball Fighterz. Let’s talk about Android 21, available in both non-Majin form and wearing his famous lab dress. But who exactly is he? And how fearsome is it? Let’s find out in this new trailer that shows us his fighting skills.

The new character, at least at first glance, looks like a well-rounded fighter. Her transformed version moves seem to encompass a lot of abilities. Among these we point out the sprint, protection from aerial shots, long-range attacks and the possibility of breaking the opponent’s guard. It is also possible to create a shock barrier. In short, a fighter that adapts to practically all phases of the fight.

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