Il prezzo medio di vendita degli iPhone continua a crescere thumbnail

The average selling price of iPhones continues to rise

2021 was a remarkable year when it comes to iPhone sales for Apple. The Cupertino-based company recorded significant growth in revenues from the sale of its smartphones and, at the same time, also managed to increase the average selling price. Let’s see the complete data:

Record results for iPhone sales: Apple leads the market in 2021

Demand for iPhones continues to grow and sales figures reward Apple. The company registered 196 billion dollars in revenues from the sale of its smartphones in the course of 2021 with an increase of +35% compared to the previous year’s data. Apple, thanks to this achievement, covers 44% of the revenues of the entire smartphone sector, confirming its role as the undisputed market leader. Samsung is far behind with revenues of $ 72 billion.

Increase the average selling price

One of the most interesting elements of Apple’s 2021 results is represented byl average selling price of iPhones. According to the data provided by Counterpointin fact, the Cupertino house recorded a further increase in this figure which is now equal to 825 dollars. The growth was 14%. This is more than double the average selling price of smartphones which, in 2021, was equal to 322 dollars. Samsung records an average price of $ 263.

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