Dragon Ball: The Breakers annunciato il nuovo multiplayer online thumbnail

Dragon Ball: The Breakers announced the new online multiplayer

Dragon Ball: The Breakers announced the new online multiplayer thumbnail

Bandai Namco and the developer Dimps have announced the arrival of a new game online asymmetric multiplayer called Dragon Ball: The Breakers. A title that leads us to fight for survival, after being trapped in a strange temporal phenomenon that pits us against (or in the shoes of) some of the strongest villains in the history of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers, announced the new asymmetrical multiplayer

Players find themselves trapped in a time loop that brings some of the worst villains in Dragon Ball history back to life. On the one hand there is one of the three famous villains of the saga, on the other seven survivors. Which have two possibilities: defend yourself as a group or run away alone, hoping not to get noticed. There map is great. But the Raider keeps looking for you and will blow up entire neighborhoods to find you. So you will have less and less room for maneuver to survive.

The first three iconic Raiders are Dragon Ball Z’s best-known villains: Cell, Buu e Freezer. The player who takes on the role of these monsters of might and cruelty must hunt down the survivors. But not only that, by improving your skills you can to evolve just like the characters in the anime.


Both Raiders and Survivors can customize their characters, both from the point of view aesthetic that by unlocking the unique skills. This way you can really make the character your own. And then there are unique items of all kinds for your adventures.

At the moment we don’t know when Dragon Ball: The Breakers will arrive, other than that will be released in 2022. But soon there should be a Closed Beta Test to prove yourself as a Raider or as a Survivor. What would you prefer? Escape, or hunt as the bad guys?

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