Dragon Ball: The Breakers, trailer for the new multiplayer action game

Bandai Namco has just presented the trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a new asymmetrical multiplayer game of the famous Japanese series

Bandai Namco and the developer Dimps, a studio already known for the various Dragon Ball themed titles including the popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but also Soulcalibur VI, Street Fighter X Tekken, Sonic, Digimon, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and many others, are preparing to launch the brand new game of one of the most renowned works in Japanese animated and comic entertainment, through a trailer shown in these hours that presents Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

The menacing new trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers

We would have expected a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, or even Dragon Ball FighterZ, but it seems that this time it is the turn of something different from the usual fighting games, and more in the style of titles like Dead By Daylight. The new trailer shows how Dragon Ball: The Breakers will consist of a asymmetrical multiplayer, with matches consisting of seven-on-one clashes. During the games, some “Survivors” end up sucked into a mysterious phenomenon called the “Temporal Seam”, and from that moment they will find themselves having to face the overwhelming power of the eighth player, the iconic rival of the “Raider” franchise.

The aim of the latter will be to destroy the surviving team, which will not be equipped with any superpowers and will have to rely only on a series of power-up objects, along with weapons and drivable vehicles, with which try to escape the Raider; their ultimate goal is to find the Super Time Machine in order to escape the chaos. You can take on the role of Raider with Cell, Buu, Freeza, and accumulate enormous power to bring down the opposing team of the match.

A mode will also be available in the game character customization Survivors, allowing players to create their own avatars through skins and decorative gear obtained with in-game credits or through a purchase. In addition, it has been revealed that the Dragon Ball: The Breakers saves will be linked to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

The game will be released in 2022 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. In the end, a beta test will start soon on PC, even if a precise date or access procedure has not yet been defined. Keep following us on our TechGameWorld.com site for more gaming news, and check out the Instant Gaming store for new games at discounted prices.

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