Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince: announced the release date for the new title for Switch

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Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince has a release date on Nintendo Switch. That’s when you can recruit your favorite monsters

On the occasion of the last Nintendo Directwas announced Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince release date: the new RPG of the spin-off of the historic Square Enix saga will arrive on December 1, 2023 on Nintendo Switch. In the title in question you will have the opportunity to be able to command and recruit various types of monsters who will follow you in this new epic quest. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince: here is the plot and the release date of the new Square Enix RPG for Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Princethe new title that has as release date on December 1, 2023tells the story of Psaro, the prince of demons. The latter is the victim of a curse whereby he cannot harm monsters. For this reason he will have to become a domamostri, so as to fight and recruit together with them in the various settings of the fantastic world of Nadiria. His feat will also be affected by the cycle of the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter will not only alter the landscapes, but will also open access to new zones and specific seasonal monsters.

One of the most effective tools at your disposal will be a advanced synthesis system, which will allow you to create completely new monsters by combining those you have already encountered. You will be able to take various tests and, in the end, unlock more than 500 monsters, from the most famous ones in the series to completely original creatures. Once you have formed your ideal group of monsters, you can take them online and challenge other monster tamers from all over the world. You can watch the trailer for the game above.

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