Dragon’s Dogma 2: part of the gameplay is inspired by GTA 5

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The game director of Dragon’s Dogma 2 gave a long interview about the game in which he talked about how it refers to GTA 5

The game director was asked this in an interview Hideaki Itsuno if there were elements from other games that inspired the development of Dragon’s Dogma 2, given how much the fantasy RPG genre has evolved in the decade since the first title was released. Itsuno responded that the studio’s main goal was only to expand the original game with features that were not possible at the time. “Mostly we wanted to take the things that we couldn’t do in Dragon’s Dogma at the time it came out, either due to lack of time or to overcome the limitations of the hardware that was there at the time,” he said. During the interview, however, it also emerged that, in some way, Dragon’s Dogma 2 rivals GTA. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Dragon's Dogma 2: part of the gameplay is inspired by GTA 5

Dragon’s Dogma 2: the game world draws inspiration from that of GTA 5

“So the main inspiration was, in a way, ourselves and the fact that we could finally make what we wanted on this current generation of consoles.” However, as for the other games that inspired the studio, Itsuno revealed that it wasn’t a fantasy RPG, but GTA 5 by Rockstar, to have a greater impact on the gameplay di Dragon’s Dogma 2.

“If I had to choose another title released in the meantime, I would say so GTA 5“, has explained. “I admired the way they managed to create a world where it truly felt like NPCs were living their lives regardless of the player. All sorts of interesting emergent behavior could occur when exploring the city, and all sorts of strange incidents seemed to happen regardless of the player’s presence. This feeling of a living world is something we tried to achieve in Dragon’s Dogma 2.” Dragon’s Dogma 2 it was announced last year during a live broadcast streaming to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game.

In a new hands-on preview of Dragon’s Dogma 2, some specialized critics reported that the sequel “feels a lot like the first game, and that’s a good thing.” So far, Dragon’s Dogma 2 certainly looks very similar to the game that preceded it, although we must keep in mind that this is still the first playable build at a relatively early stage in the game.

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