Dragon’s Dogma 2: the game marks Capcom’s debut in the 70 euro price range

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Even Capcom gives in to the charm of 70 euros: Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces the publisher to the high end of the Triple A price list

Since recently Dusk Golem has focused the eyes of all of us on Capcomit is clear that any news from the publisher was welcome, with the exception perhaps of the entry of Dragon’s Dogma 2 in the realm of the 70 euro. The house of Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter was just missing to complete the increasingly well-stocked (sometimes knowingly) picture of videogame publishers with prohibitive prices, but now we should be full. The long-awaited was also revealed at the showcase exit datealong with the welcome anyway gameplay. The open-world RPG will be released at the same price on “all” platforms (read: PS5, Xbox Series X/S e PC) il March 22, 2024.

“Ten euros more for me, can be enough”: Capcom flies to 70 with Dragon’s Dogma 2

Naturally the price we report is expressed in dollars, but normally the exchange rate is on a 1:1 scale (only with pounds do things tend to change, ed.). In fact, during the year, the Capcom executive Haruhiro Tsujimoto he spoke of prices being “too low”, which is why we owe the more demanding price list. You can find the requirements for the PC version in the image included below. The game will be released in multiple editions: la Deluxe Edition, in particular, will include a soundtrack, an in-game “camper kit” and various objects, including 1500 Rift Crystals as currency to use in the adventure. We don’t know if the aforementioned crystals point to the trend of microtransactions in full-price games, but “fact thirty”…

Dragon's Dogma 2: the game marks Capcom's debut in the 70 euro price range

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