Dreame Hair Glory’s review: the ultra-fast hair dryer that’s convenient even when travelling

La recensione di Dreame Hair Glory: l'asciugacapelli ultra veloce comodo anche in viaggio thumbnail

When you’re the long-haired member of the techgameworld.com editorial board, you have a reputation to uphold. And consequently taking care of your hair becomes essential at all times. Fortunately, technology can be of great help, as in the case ofhair dryer by Dreame Hair Glory the focus of this review. A model definitely reliablewith a good number of functions and which we were very satisfied with.

Dreame Hair Glory review: a design that immediately convinces

As always, as soon as a product arrives, the first thing you notice is its product design. Extracted from a perfectly essential packaging, it does not require assembly, even if we have preferred to make the most of the available smoothing nozzle. It is however a very simple hookupthanks to magnets: just place it on the main body to start drying.

The Dreame Hair Glory we used for this review had a golden pink colourdecidedly elegant and appreciable. A perfect combo with his design, full of curved lines but extremely simple at the same time. From a very good feeling of robustness in the handbut still very light.

Simplicity is also expressed in the controls, reduced to the essentials. We have a stick that serves for both adjust the speed of the air flow in the two available settings, both to turn the hair dryer off and on. This is accompanied by a second key, which allows you to vary the different modes that offers the Dreame Hair Glory, which we will see in detail later.

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Its design makes it perfect even for those who have to move often. Being long and thin, with the ability to easily release the spout, it becomes very easy to put it in the suitcase, minimizing the space occupied. And there is also a little gem that deserves a mention: a cable tie to tie the cable, made of rubber, without Velcro and in the same shade as the rest of the hairdryer. Details that make the difference, showing the care in the development.

Four drying modes to combine

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As anticipated, thanks to the button on the handle, we can alternately select one of the four modes available. This will turn on one of the lights on the head of the hair dryer, discretely showing us which one is active.

It is basically a temperature selection. We can start from one cold drying, mainly useful for already hot days so as not to weigh down the operation. Next in the circle we find the 57° modeto keep the temperature fixed on this level (which seems high, but will actually be warm on our hair).

Again, continuing in the selection wheel we have the possibility of turn the heat up to the max, so as to dry our hair as quickly as possible. Finally there is the mixed mode, the one that in all honesty we preferred to use during the test for the Dreame Hair Glory review. In this case the hair dryer it will continuously alternate jets of hot and cold airso as to obtain a particularly fluffy result, also useful for those who want to curl their hair.

Four rather traditional functions, but what they do their job fully. Above all, the change is decidedly rapid at the press of the key, which impressed us. The end result with each of the modalities was very satisfying, both in terms of quality and in terms of the time it took to achieve it. Not to mention that it is one of the quietest hair dryers we’ve ever triedwhich is not a factor to be underestimated.

Dreame Hair Glory review: a solid but low price

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What can strike you about this Dreame Hair Glory is its cost, which is not particularly low, in an absolute sense. However, it must be remembered that it is a high quality product, which can rival models in significantly higher price ranges. Overall, therefore, the cost is relatively (literally) low and interesting. Maybe that would have been better add some extra accessories for the spout to make it even more convenient. But even so, we think it can fully meet the expectations of its buyers.