Dreame Pocket: a breakthrough in hairstyling

Dreame Technology, a leading company in home appliance innovation, is expanding its range by introducing products dedicated to hair beauty

Il brand new Dreame Pocketand 3-in-1 pocket hairdryerpromises to revolutionize hair care thanks to its interchangeable nozzles and its powerful drying capacity.

Dreame Pocket: a breakthrough in hairstylingDreame Pocket: a breakthrough in hairstyling

Dreame Pocket: the future of portable hairstyling

The newest addition to our hair care product line, the Dream Pocketwas designed for meet all your needs. With a compact and lightweight design, the Dreame Pocket weighs just 300g and is foldable for greater portability, complete with a carrying case for even more practical transport. With two different nozzles, you'll get professional results effortlessly.

The anti-frizz nozzle of the Dreame Pocket will allow you to tame even the most unruly hair, leaving it smooth and shiny thanks to its powerful air flow and integrated comb for versatile styling. There curling nozzle simplifies drying and styling at the same time, creating curls without damaging the hair thanks to self-suction technology. There dual platinum technology with the emission of negative ions it neutralizes static electricity, avoiding frizz and protecting the hair cuticle from the humidity of the scalp.

Il CTN smart temperature sensor ensures a safe temperature, never higher than 57°C in hot air mode, to prevent hair damage and scalp burns.

Fast and efficient drying technology With a engine that reaches 110,000 rpm, the Dreame Pocket is capable of completely drying short hair in just 40 seconds and long hair in just 4 minutes. The Dreame Pocket offers you apersonalized experience thanks to its 5 modes (Cold Mode, Hot Mode, Hot Air Mode, Instant Cooling Mode and Hot/Cool Cycle Mode) and its 2 airflow speeds. Furthermore, with a six-layer noise reduction system, it ensures pleasant use, keeping the noise level below 60 dB.

Prices and availability

Dream Pocket it is available on Amazon, on the Dreame Official Store and at MediaWorld and Unieuro sales points starting from April 16th in Space Gray and Titanium Gold colors at the price of 159 euros.

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