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DreameBot D10 Plus review: clean with efficiency and zero effort

Welcomed with love or observed from afar with distrust, there is no middle ground when it comes to users’ approach to robot vacuum cleaners but whatever your position, it is undeniable that their market is constantly growing. In a few years, the models and brands united against the dust have multiplied, presenting the most varied and technological robots. Among these brands, one of the promoters was certainly Xiaomi who, together with the partner company Dreame, has a new cleaning robot with large capacities in store for us. We are talking about DreameBot D10 Plus and this is its review.

Thanks to Dreame we in fact got our hands on this talented enemy of dust before its release in Italy, scheduled for today 24 June. And if you belong to the category of suspicious ones, let yourself be convinced not by our words but by the potential of this DreameBot D10 Plus.

Our review of the DreameBot D10 Plus

The DreameBot D10 Plus robot vacuum cleaner has the dual function of vacuuming and washing floors thanks to the included water tank but not only. The robot vacuum cleaner is in fact supported by the automatic charging and emptying column which, as the name suggests, will save you from the tedium of having to constantly open the dust tank.

But let’s start with order.

Data sheet

Below the technical characteristics of the DreameBot D10 Plus robot

  • Dimensions: 352×350×96.8mm
  • Battery: 5,200mAh
  • Vacuum cleaner capacity: 400mL
  • Capacity water: 145mL
  • Noisiness: 65dB(A)

… To which are added the characteristics of the charging and emptying base:

  • Dimensions: 303×403×399.2mm
  • Bag capacity: 2.5 L
  • Suction power: 600W
  • Time required for aspiration: 10 seconds


The DreameBot D10 Plus comes in a bright white, characteristic of most Xiaomi devices, in a circular shape. The robot has the dimensions of 352 × 350 × 96.8mm which makes it large enough to cover a decent surface when passing, but at the same time small enough to be able to pass under most furniture.

On the upper part we find two soft-touch buttons for on / off and return to the charging base, the remote laser sensor and the main cover. Once lifted, from here we can extract the dust collector, use the cleaning tool for periodic maintenance or reset the device’s wi-fi.

At the bottom the magic happens. Here we find two solid main wheels that allow the robot to move and overcome light gradients such as carpets thanks to two sensors placed on the sides of them. In the center we find the main brush where the actual dust extraction takes place and a side brush that pushes the dust to the center of the robot. On the front we find a wheel that allows the robot to turn and the charging sensors for the battery.

As anticipated, the DreameBot D10 Plus it is accompanied by a charging and emptying base that maintains the same white and minimalist design of the robot. It is a base of 303 × 403 × 399.2mm which, in addition to charging the battery of the robot, empties it at each cleaning cycle, to accumulate a maximum of 2.5 L of dust in its bag located on the top and hidden by a practical covered.

In addition to the robot and the charging base, in the package you will also find an instruction manual, a side brush, the water tank for washing floors, the charging cable for the base and two bags for the same.


Like any self-respecting robot, the DreameBot D10 Plus is a small concentrate of technology that cooperates to give you the best of the best. The robot is in fact equipped with the latest sensors to make it move easily around the house, observe obstacles and avoid them.

The main sensor is the laser sensor placed on the top of the robot which, compared to other models, sacrifices a few millimeters of height in the face of unparalleled precision. The laser allows him to map the floor plan of the house as well as to move with agility among obstacles. The sensor is able to scan in a radius of 8 meters to use the innovative LiDAR navigation system supported by the SLAM algorithm to create an intelligent mapping of your home.

Once the house has been mapped, you are ready, or rather, it is ready to eliminate the dust thanks to a maximum suction of 4,000Pa. The suction power can be programmed via the app (which we will explore later) but thanks to the intelligent detection system, the robot DreameBot D10 Plus it is able to detect when it is walking on a carpet and adapt the suction accordingly. To all this are added two altitude sensors, placed under the robot and the charging sensor, on the nose, to allow it to understand without any difficulty where the charging base is.

Regarding this, it is worth noting the double suction channel that pushes the dust on one side and sucks it up on the other to keep it in the practical bag without the slightest dispersion and without leaving any residue in the robot’s dust collector. Not only that, the compartment of the charging base is also equipped with a practical filter.

In support of all this, we find a large 5,200mAh battery, truly a rarity in the world of robot vacuum cleaners, which guarantees great autonomy.

The support of the Xiaomi Home App

Like all smart devices from Xiaomi and Dreame, the DreameBot D10 Plus can also be connected to the internet and to the Xiaomi Home app, the application of the Xiaomi ecosystem. The use of the App is not essential to use the robot but it is highly recommended if you want to get the most out of it.

From here it is in fact possible to manage every action of the robot, program it, view the parameters and so on. The robot mapping, fast and efficient, will generate a virtual map on the smartphone of your home. From here you can divide the map by rooms and have the robot clean a specific room or an area you have selected. Similarly and extremely useful, there is the possibility of creating off-limits areas for the robot that will simply ignore them.

From the app we will be able to select the suction power or water management in case you decide to use the water tank. You will be able to program the robot to work at certain times or days of the week, observe the status of the brush and filters (to be changed periodically), see the remaining battery and much more. From the app you can also manage automatic emptying, activate it or not or increase the frequency after 1, 2 or 3 cleaning activities.

Our test of the DreameBot D10 Plus

To write the review of this DreameBot D10 Plus we kept it on trial for about 2 weeks during which it replaced our trusty home robot in all daily cleaning practices.

The first point to mention is certainly the ease of installation and use of the DreameBot D10 Plus, truly within everyone’s reach. Once you plug in the charging base and turn on the robot, you are ready to start cleaning (remember to remove the protective strips from the bumper!). Installation via the app is just as simple and we highly recommend it to take advantage of the full potential of this robot.

Cleanliness, speed and efficiency are truly unparalleled and left us satisfied from the first moment. The mapping of the house is efficient and quick and has never shown signs of sagging like non-existent rooms or broken maps after a few days. Through the app we have exploited the possibility of creating virtual walls so as to prevent the robot from slipping into areas dangerously infested with wires, the natural enemies of robot vacuum cleaners.

Once everything was set up, the aspiration began and it managed to exceed our expectations. Each area the robot could walk had no dust residue marks. Regarding this, we initially had some doubts about the only side brush present. Generally, robot vacuums have 2 or even 4 side brushes that make the dust converge in the center of the robot. Despite the presence of only one brush, however, cleaning has always proved to be at the top.

And the washing?

This is the question that every curious robot vacuum cleaner asks himself. In fact, the DreameBot D10 Plus supports a washing function thanks to a water tank, included in the package, with an attached washing cloth. Once filled with water (without detergents, I recommend) just attach it to the back of the robot to start the washing sequence.

Like all robots on the market, there is no mechanical part that applies pressure on the cloth towards the floor, therefore calling it “washing” seems a bit excessive. We can say that the cloth allows you to wet the surface of the floor evenly and is ideal for keeping it clean every day. If, on the other hand, you have a caked floor in front of you at the moment, nothing can replace the good old elbow grease.

It must be said, however, that, unlike most robot vacuum cleaners on the market, the water tank and the dust tank finally live two different lives. In fact, the two do not come into contact and the robot is able to vacuum and wash at the same time without these two worlds coming into contact. We all know what …

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