Drive to Survive: the Netflix series on Formula 1 returns

Cagliari-Torino: dove vedere la partita?

The return of Drive to Survive, the Netflix series on Formula 1, is awaited. Renewed with a new season, it promises to be discussed

The Netflix series about Formula 1, Drive to Survivewill return in style on February 23rd, bringing the excitement of scuderia Red Bull e di Max Verstappenundisputed protagonists of 2024 season with 19 victories in 22 races. This sixth season, made up of ten episodes, will arrive shortly before the start of the new world championship, coinciding with the last day of pre-season testing in Bahrain. The anticipation is palpable as the series has captured the interest of a wide audience, especially young people, offering an in-depth look into the world of Formula 1 through intriguing backstories and life in the paddock. Iconic moments, such as the disputes between Haas’ Gunther Stainer and driver Kevin Magnussen, or the heated discussions between teams such as This is Wolff e Christian Horner, promise to make this season just as compelling. Fans can’t wait to immerse themselves in the charm of Formula 1 again and discover new memes to share.

Drive to Survive: the Netflix series on Formula 1 returns

Drive to Survive: the words of the series producer

James Gay-Reesproducer of Drive to Survive, said:

Honestly, we are enormously proud to be part of it. There’s also a lot of satisfaction in being first with these things, and I think it’s like it’s the first main access show – certainly outside the UK anyway – that’s had this profound effect. We all have the statistics on the younger demographic shift at our fingertips, and it is difficult for anyone, for any large organization, to stand their ground given the amount of choices available to the consumer.

Bringing such a large and new audience to a sport – which was obviously deserved, it just needed someone to open it up – is extremely satisfying. The fact that it wasn’t a fluke, the fact that he grew up [con ogni stagione]…It’s a real honor and we love it. It’s a very difficult show to make, but we love the process, we love the world. Long may it continue!

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