Driving in the snow: a course to learn

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Driving in the snow it is not trivial or obvious and we should all know this. For this reason they exist courses in which – in addition to having fun – you learn to understand how to behave in the best possible way without risking getting seriously hurt (or hurting others).

Driving on the snow: courses and more

Now I will say something (in) popular: having a driving license does not mean knowing how to drive. You will learn the basics, the priorities and to read the road signs (all fundamental things). But the guide, the real one, where do you learn? My suggestion is to attend one of the many that you can find. They can be safe driving coursesOf sporty driving o di driving on snow and ice.
I have tried to participate in various courses of all kinds and, I must admit, they have been very useful for me.

The latest in a long series, it is called Hyundai Driving Experience (winter edition): a snow course at almost 3000 meters above sea level, on the Rettenbach glacier in Austria, specially set up for this experience.

The 2 and a half day course includes 20 participants per session, divided into two groups, each car hosts on board a crew of two “future drivers”.

The cars we used were Hyundai Tucson PHEV, Santa Fe PHEVbut also IONIQ 5.
You might tell me “but these cars are full of electronics”. True, very true, but they must be known how to use. We then learned to dodge obstacles on a sloping road surface with low grip due to snow and ice, learned how to best manage the different ways of handling the car’s terrain such as “mud and sand”, but I also learned that the handbrake – albeit electronic – it is always good practice to use it in given circumstances.

All the exercises are carried out in such safety, in large spaces set up specifically for the courses… with a truly breathtaking view. Remember to bring a pair of sunglasses otherwise you will really struggle to drive.

How, when but above all, how much it costs

Hyundai Driving Experience has a broad portfolio of purchasable experiences (by everyone, not just Hyundai customers). The snow course costs € 899 per person (and includes 2 nights in the 5-star hotel “La Central” in Solden, Austria, with full board). 2

We stayed in the same hotel and the experience was truly sublime. The journey from the hotel “La Central” to the Rettenbach glacier takes place first with a minibus and then with a snowcat that will take you over 2300 meters.

The course in our case was in English, but the instructors are very clear, enthusiastic and follow well all the participants connected to each other via radio.

The courses, as I anticipated, are really many and include experiences on the circuit (including the Monza Circuit and the legendary Nürburgring in Germany) aboard Hyundai N cars. The experiences on the track include two levels of difficulty.

What are you waiting for? Next winter, don’t let yourself be caught unprepared!

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