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Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Emirati politics is on your side!

The Emirati authorities have always had the well-being of the community that inhabits their territory at heart. Let’s find out more on the subject

When it comes specifically to protecting privacy, protecting security and benefiting the economy, the central government is always at the forefront to implement the right attack plans.

And here is the latest innovative solution arriving directly from Dubai: Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed launches an invaluable strategy for the emirate’s metaverse.

Dubai Metaverse Strategy: what it is

Dubai presses the accelerator in the world of cryptocurrencies and the metaverse, to definitively consecrate Dubai as a crypto hub of reference on a planetary level.

The Prime Minister, Vice President and Sovereign of Dubai, in fact, has shown maximum interest and full support to researchers and developers engaged in the metaverse.

Thus, Dubai Metaverse Strategy was born, the ambitious government project that ensures Dubai a place among the very first countries in the world that make a difference in terms of augmented reality.

The aim of the operation is to bring more than 40,000 jobs to the emirate by 2030, going to five times the number of companies operating on chain in the area, as well as 5 trillion dollars that the metaverse thus developed will bring within. that date, on a global scale.

The planned strategy touches the legal sector, trade, education, tourism, health and employment in general. Therefore, the whole region will benefit from the excellent revenues that will derive from the initiative, with more than positive repercussions on the entire social fabric.

Dubai Metaverse Strategy: How It Works

The Sovereign of Dubai has staked a lot on the project, thanks to its record figures. According to analysts, these numbers, in fact, are to be attributed to the induced activity developed by the particular technology used with worldwide diffusion.

In particular, Hamdan bin Mohammed has identified in the integration between VR, AI and AR the right mix of technologies to focus on for the future structure of the emirate in a metaverse key.

Thus, the Prime Minister, intent on evolving the project with the maximum achievable results, soon endorsed the entry of the main exchanges, giving the government team in charge of developing the Dubai Metaverse Strategy to fix the best action plan in time. record.

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy, however, is fully part of the evolutionary process that has already begun some time ago, which has involved the best developers from all over the world in its virtuous circle, above all, from governments opposed to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Emirati politics is on your side!

Not only Dubai Metaverse Strategy

The UAE area is already a nerve center for the world economy. Now the knot tightens around the field of cryptocurrencies and, in particular, in Dubai where Hamdan bin Mohammed, as seen, aims to confirm the status of the emirate as the undisputed leader in the world.

Indeed, the Emirate has long written history by approving the first law to regulate digital assets and establishing a regulatory body to oversee digital currency activities and critical service providers.

If on the one hand Dubai has cleared the world of cryptocurrencies, on the other, conventional credit institutions continue to dislike this parallel coinage.

Therefore, it is not as easy as it seems: owning “cryptocurrency” does not mean being able to open a company that can easily access bank accounts, quite the contrary! In fact, cryptocurrency is part of the black list licenses and is therefore an activity that is heavily watched by banks, as it is an untraceable currency.

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