Ducati Unica and its own Ducati is customized in a unique way

The Italian brand announces the creation of “Ducati Unica“, A new customization program from the company of Borgo Panigale dedicated to those who want to design, build and make their own Ducati exclusive and, indeed, unique.

The program is clearly dedicated to those who love to personalize their own Ducati. Making it special and unique is now easier than ever. The program Ducati Unica it will therefore allow those who join to be able to collaborate directly with the company’s designers and technicians Borgo Panigale to create a motorcycle that will be a unique piece in the world.

Each stage of creating their own Ducati it will be perfectly documented, from the first sketches to the photos of the final delivery. And each step will have the supervision and participation of the client. With the support of professionals Ducati , the customization process will be outlined, defining every detail: exclusive materials, dedicated finishes, special colors and accessories “Ducati Performance”. All this respecting at all times the stylistic criteria that identify a branded motorcycle Ducati.

Ducati Unica, side by side with the designers of the Ducati Style Center

By joining the program Ducati Unica you can enter the Ducati Style Center, and check on the spot the progress of your motorcycle during scheduled periodic visits. You can then touch the level of dedication and attention to detail that Ducati reserve for each customization project.

Ducati Unica

“Design is a distinctive element of our creations. For some time we have been working on the launch of a project that would give Ducati members the opportunity to identify even more with their bike, transforming it into a direct expression of everyone’s individual style “, he explains. Andrea Ferraresi , Director of Ducati Style Center “So we created ‘Ducati Unica’, a highly exclusive program that testifies to the excellence of the Made in Italy of which Ducati is the representative in the world. An exciting and unforgettable personalization experience that can be lived directly in our Style Center ».

Each motorcycle deriving from the “Ducati Unica“Is delivered to its owner accompanied by a certificate of uniqueness, which certifies its originality and guarantees that it will not be replicated.

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