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Dune Moss’ new single is a tribute to Hogwarts Legacy

Dune Moss' new single is a tribute to Hogwarts Legacy thumbnail

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La popstar Dune Moss has released the official video of Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song), a real tribute to Hogwarts Legacy, the acclaimed video game by Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Moss had already collaborated in the creation of Overture to the Unwritten, a song featured in the original soundtrack of the video game.

Dune Moss pays homage to Hogwarts Legacy: the official video of Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song)

In reality, a first tribute to the video game can be glimpsed in the title of the song which refers to the character of Isidora Morganach. It is no coincidence that the official video takes up the story of the character of Isidora in Hogwarts Legacy, which players can discover by facing the various tests of the guardians of ancient magic by continuing the main story of the video game.

You can watch the official video for Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song) below.

The song comes just on the eve of the release of Hogwarts Legacy for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (coming tomorrow, May 5, 2023), after the huge success on new-gen. If you intend to play it (or play it again) be sure to consult the numerous techgameworld.com guides relating to this wonderful adventure from Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software.

Among the others we point out:

Meanwhile, Harry Potter fans eagerly await the new video game announced by Warner Bros. entirely dedicated to Quidditch. The more adventurous, on the other hand, are already picking up broomsticks to try their hand at Quidditch Babbano (it exists, it’s a real sport!). However, the debate on the matter continues Harry Potter TV series, which continues to divide fans of the world’s most famous wizard. We are enthusiastic about the idea (and we have explained why here).

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