Dying Light 2: how to get the grappling hook

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In Techland’s latest title, parkour is a key component. For this reason, today we want to explain how to get the grappling hook in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

In Dying Light 2, the grappling hook drastically changes the way you move around the game world (almost as much as the glider), greatly increasing the range to areas where you could not get there otherwise. Unlike the first game, where the climbing arch was present, in the second chapter moving between the roofs of Villedor it will be much simpler. Let’s see together how to get the grappling hook in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

In the name of parkour

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a good mix between a title about the “end of the world” and an action caciarone, with excellent exploration phases and many goliardic moments. One of the fundamental components is certainly parkour, which allows players great freedom of exploration. Often, however, reaching the less accessible points of the map can result no small feat. To facilitate things, from a certain point on in the game, the grappling hook will intervene. The tool, introduced in this second chapter by the guys from Techland, results a real game changer in exploring the game world.

Dying Light 2: how to get the grappling hook

Where is it? – Dying Light 2: how to get the grappling hook

The good news is that the grapple It is inevitable proceeding during the main story of Dying Light 2. The tool will be unlocked during the mission called Broadcast, which will see you enter the Garrison power station. After fighting against the renegades, you will have to solve the cpuzzle platform of the building, in order to then be able to climb it completely with your new grappling hook. This stage arrives about 20 hours in the countryside main in a typical playthrough consisting of “sightseeing” and side missions. If you want to rushare up to the grapple instead, you could get it in about 10-12 hours.

The grapple is therefore one of several Nightrunner Tools that Aiden adds to his tool belt over the course of the game. Wanting to make the comparison with the first chapter of the series, the grappling hook behaves quite differently from the climbing arch che Kyle Crane aveva in Dying Light.

Dying Light 2: how to get the grappling hook

Grapple VS Climbing Arch – Dying Light 2: how to get the grapple

Unlike the bow, which pulled Crane in a quick, straight shot a bit like the grappling gun of Batman, the grappling hook in Dying Light 2 acts more like a rope swing. This, however, is only the first “form” of the gadget. With a little military technology and Old World money, in fact, over the course of the game it will be possible update the grapple pto shoot Aiden faster at hooked objects (such as light poles). Eventually, the gadget can also be used as an offensive tool to pull enemies closer to then deal melee damage. Indeed, looking back on it, it’s not too different from a Batman gadget …

Dying Light 2: how to get the grappling hook

Have a good exploration

Well friends, this was our guide on how to get the grappling hook in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. We hope we have been useful in your survival, although (as already mentioned) the grapple is inevitable in the course of the main story. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay connected on TechGameWorld.com for further news, updates and much more from the world of video games. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Hello!