Halo Infinite loses Lead Multiplayer Designer

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Halo Infinite has lost one of its most important elements, as 343 Industries announced that the title’s Lead Multiplayer Designer has left the studio

In spite of a recent launch, although following some delay, the guys at 343 Industries are aware of how their title still needs a lot of work, especially following the embrace of a live service model. And following the defection of one of the team members, the studio will have to be ready for the next commitments without being able to count on the help of one of the key figures in the development, namely the Lead Multiplayer Modes and Systems Designer of the game, which joins the Lead Narrative Designer.

Halo Infinite: il Lead Multiplayer Modes and Systems Designer lascia 343 Industries

It was to say goodbye to the US studio Andrew Wittsalready with the team for over three years, is that he was in charge of multiplayer compartment design of the home shooter Microsoft. The announcement was made, via a post appeared on Twitterby the same developer, within which Witts he said he was honored to have been able to lead the team responsible for production multiplayer. The future of the designer, at least in the immediate future (as stated in the message), will be marked by a period of rest, before taking part in a new design adventure.

Before becoming the Lead Multiplayer Modes and Systems Designer di Halo Infinite, Witts he had also worked at ArenaNet, developing Guild Wars 2, with Boss Key Productions for Lawbreakers and Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege.

This is definitely a major loss for 343 Industrieswhich despite the just announced Season 2 for its latest title, saw the release of the co-op campaign and the Forge further postpone.

We at TechGameWorld.com, however, will continue to monitor the situation and will not fail to keep you informed as soon as there are new developments in this regard. While waiting to learn more, if you are looking for titles at a discounted price, we invite you to keep an eye on the offers on the Instant Gaming pages.

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