Dynamic Island: Apple has requested display modifications from Samsung

Dynamic Island: Apple ha chiesto modifiche del display a Samsung thumbnail

L’iPhone 14 Pro has redesigned, for some real, the classic design of the iPhone, becoming one of the most popular smartphones by iPhone enthusiasts and not and to keep the success of this model high, Apple would ask for help Samsung for the realization of a particularity in the display of these iPhones.

Apple reportedly requested assistance from Samsung for the displays

According to the South Korean site The Elec, Apple would have asked Samsung for help to use a more advanced manufacturing method for the iPhone 14 Pro displays.

In fact, Samsung is among the producers of the best displays, also used for iPhones, so the request from the Cupertino multinational shouldn’t be too surprising. But where would this call for help come from?

The screen of the iPhone 14 Pro is different from its predecessors for one particularity: the notch is replaced by a pill cut which is present directly in the display, forming what is called Dynamic Island.

The highly acclaimed Dynamic Island is capable of showing calls in progress, SharePlay, running apps, timers, maps and much more.

For this reason it is clear that the realization with a pill cut of this kind requires not only care, but a particularly advanced production method.

In fact, to create the pill cut, Samsung must create a hole of the required size directly inside the OLED panel. Il The slightest mistake would compromise the display, damaging the pixels and exposing them to moisture and oxygen. To avoid such mistakes, the South Korean multinational would have devised a mechanism (inkjet equipment) capable of separating the pixels from the pill cut thanks to a sort of “say” created specifically for the purpose.

Also according to the site The Elec, Apple would also use LG screens for their iPhones, so much so that the company would be using the same technique as Samsung to create the pill shape.

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