Because playing cards is good for the mind

È appena nato un nuovo motore di ricerca evoluto e smart

There are many card games to enjoy in company: poker, burraco, scala 40, rummy, briscola, Black Jack and finally solitaire, perfect for moments alone with yourself

Those who don’t have time to play cards live (or don’t have one or more companions) can always turn to the sites dedicated to online briscola, where it is possible to select one’s favorite games together with other users. Not only is playing cards a great pastime to have fun and relieve stress, but it also brings benefits to the mind from a cognitive point of view.

1. Keeps the mind supple

Some card games require strategy and planning skills, such as trump; to play a game well you need to concentrate, observe the opponent and his cards.

Obviously luck also plays an important role, so it will be even more important to plan winning strategies by putting your brain to work

2. Improve memory

Some games, such as poker or solitaire, help strengthen memory (especially in older people); it is in fact important to keep in mind which cards have already come out and act accordingly. Generally, memory improvements are more visible over the long term.

3. Increase decision-making skills

Some card games (particularly those that require one or more opponents) require you to make sensible decisions very quickly; when you start playing cards it is easy for haste to become a bad adviser, but over time it will be increasingly easier to predict the opponent’s moves and quickly decide on the best strategy.

Finally, it is right to keep in mind that for the elderly, card games are excellent pretexts to get together, socialize and keep the mind trained, without sinking too much into solitude.

4. It allows you to relax

Playing cards induces a kind of meditative state, which is achieved when you are very focused on something. In this way, it is possible to put aside the daily stress and relax; this is especially true for games like solitaire, which are perfect for spending some quality alone time. Some like to play solitaire just before bed, to switch off and prepare for rest.

5. It’s just… it’s fun

Playing cards makes you more concentrated, relaxed, sociable and good at planning, but beyond the individual benefits, it is still a fun pastime that can banish boredom quickly and easily.

The brain tends to scramble when boredom strikes, and a good card game can solve the problem quickly, even in areas with no connection, electricity, or space. A long train or plane ride, a night out camping with friends, an afternoon at the beach—these are all great opportunities to get out a deck of cards.

Furthermore, card games can be very versatile, because each of them has different rules and variations suitable for any type of player.

Most games can be learned by anyone; however, only the most patient and constant will become true experts.