Dynamic Taskbar Refresh: What’s New in Windows 11

Aggiornamento dinamico della barra delle applicazioni: novità di Windows 11

Windows 11 is about to launch the new dynamic taskbar update

In Windows 11 (click here for more information), one of the flagship features is the Widgetswhich is an upgrade of News and Interests since Windows 10. While Windows 10’s News and Interests is all about news and headlines related to your interests, the Windows 11 Widgets tab gathers news, weather, sports scores, and stock prices into a small widget. Likewise, the Widget tab shows the temperature and time within the taskbar. This feature is called “dynamic content for the taskbar“.

Microsoft (here for more info on the company) is now planning to show more dynamic updates on the taskbar. Currently, dynamic taskbar updates are limited to weather conditions only, but that may change soon. In fact, theintegration of the widget into the taskbar should soon allow users to view finance and other updates. This is always in the same operating mode. You will receive alerts directly on the taskbar without even having to click on the icon.

Dynamic Taskbar Refresh: What's New in Windows 11

The dynamic update of the taskbar in detail

The taskbar widget button it will pass automatically from weather, sports and financial updates. Additionally, Microsoft plans to send breaking news alerts via the system tray as well. Microsoft is proud of the new dynamic taskbar and the company believes the update it will make it easier for users to know something and “keep everyone informed about the latest news”.

You can click on one of these alerts to open the bulletin board of widgets and learn more about the topic on the bulletin board. However, the taskbar will revert to the weather if you don’t interact with the update for a few seconds. Microsoft is currently testing this feature in the Dev channelbut eventually it will also come up Windows 11 22H2.

More changes coming to the taskbar

As recently reported, the Windows 11 taskbar is also set to get the support for a new feature called “search bar” which is similar to the Windows 10 search box. But how will this search bar work for Windows 11? Unlike Windows 10, the Windows 11 taskbar doesn’t come with a search box. Instead, we have one small search icon next to the Start button. Microsoft wants to bring the same search bar back to Windows 11 and will simply open the existing Windows search panel.

Unfortunately, in the latter build on Windows a complete context menu is still missing, which was removed in the original version. The ability to separate icons is also not available, and Microsoft has already confirmed that features such as the ability to move the taskbar will not be available in the operating system anytime soon.

Dynamic Taskbar Refresh: What's New in Windows 11

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