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Dyson Airstrait: the innovative straightener that dries and straightens hair with air

Dyson presents the straightener Dyson Airstrait to straighten wet to dry hair with air. Free from heat damage and hot foils. Designed for different hair types, the straightener allows you to achieve a natural smooth style, with body and movement, while maintaining the strength and healthy appearance of the hair. The strand of hair is sandwiched between two arms, from which a precisely angled stream of high-pressure air is blown down and into the hair, to dry and straighten it simultaneously, with a single tool.

The Dyson Airstrait straightener with precision air jets

Along the arms of the plate are two 1.5mm openings. The airflow is accelerated through these openings, sending two high-velocity jets of air downward. Pointed at 45°, they converge to form a single powerful jet of air and aimed down to straighten hair while drying, with maximum control. This directional airflow helps align hair strands for a smooth, luminous finish.

The science of hair according to Dyson

Dyson has researched the science of hair for over a decade and is investing half a billion pounds to expand and accelerate research and technological development in the beauty category. Dyson engineers have studied every aspect in detail, from hair structure to the dynamics of air flows, including thermal, mechanical and chemical damage and the consequent effects on hair health.

When you style your hair, the hydrogen bonds within each strand have to be broken and restored to take on a new shape. This can happen with heat or humidity. There fold made with a powerful flow of air on wet hair, it reduces the need for heat, reduces frizz and the presence of baby hair and protects the natural shine of the hair.

When hair is wet, water naturally weakens these bonds. In this state, the bonds are more elastic and can be restored when the hair dries, without resorting to extreme temperatures. Use a level of optimum heat and controlled airflow it is the ideal solution to create a styling with less damage. Styling with air allows you to straighten your hair while maintaining volume and movement. Once the hair is dry and straightened, the bonds are reset differently and the style is fixed.

piastre dyson

The Dyson Hyperdymium motor of the Dyson Airstrait soleplate

The Dyson Airstrait straightener is powered by the motor Hyperdymiumspecially designed to be at the heart of Dyson haircare technologies. It’s small, light and powerful enough to generate the airflow needed to dry and straighten hair at the same time. A 13-blade impeller spins up to 106,000 rpm, pushing over 11.9 liters of air per second through the plate. This generates up to 3.5kPa of air pressure, enough to straighten the hair as it dries. At 27 mm, the motor is small enough to fit into the plate handle, without sacrificing power.

Intelligent heat control

Like the rest of the Dyson hair care range, the Dyson Airstrait straightener features a intelligent heat control. Glass bead thermistors measure airflow temperature up to 16 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage and protect hair’s natural shine. This data is sent to the microprocessor which regulates the resistance, ensuring that the airflow does not exceed the required temperature.

Two hair styling modes for temperature control

The Dyson Airstrait straightener has hair styling modes “Wet” e “Dry” and a mode “Cool” to fix the look. “Wet” and “Dry” modes are preset with a specific combination of heat and airflow for best results. In “Wet” mode, you can choose between three heat settings: 80°C, 110°C and 140°C. In “Dry” mode, you can choose between 120°C or 140°C or “boost” for a higher temperature. As for airflow control, there are two speed settings, low flow and high flow, as well as “cold shot” and “root drying” modes for drying roots.

The Dyson Airstrait straightener is already available in the United States, Canada, Mexico. Timing will vary by region and we will confirm as local availability approaches.

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