GoPro annuncia i prezzi ridotti per le sue fotocamere della serie Hero thumbnail

GoPro announces reduced prices for its Hero series cameras

GoPro has announced that it will decrease i prices of its line of video cameras, to return them similar to those fixed in the pre-pandemic period. In fact, starting today, at GoPro resellers worldwide and on, the flagship camera HERO11 Black will be available at the price of 449,99€. Instead, HERO11 Black Mini a 349,99€, HERO10 Black at €399.99 and HERO9 Black at €299.99. Ideal for professional vloggers and content creators, the HERO11 Black Creator Edition is now on sale for €679.99. Only the MAX camera, with its dual lens for 360-degree shooting, remains at the current price of €529.99.

GoPro HERO11 Black, new reduced prices for the flagship camera

Under this new sales policy, will not offer plus discounts on cameras to customers who subscribe to GoPro at the time of purchase. Discounted prices will be available at all times, whether you are a member or not. Existing members will still be able to purchase future GoPro cameras at discounted prices as part of their current membership benefits.

“The challenges related to the pandemic have forced us to increase prices in recent months. However, those pressures have now eased, and we’re excited to make GoPro’s incredible performance accessible to more and more users.” That’s what was stated by Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro.

gopro HERO11 Black min

The most affordable GoPro subscription, here are the benefits

GoPro is also making its hugely popular subscription more accessible. Thanks to an introductory price of €24.99 for the first year and €49.99 at the next annual renewal. Exclusive benefits that are included in the membership terms include:

• Automatically upload content to the cloud from your GoPro camera while charging

• Unlimited storage of photos and videos in the cloud, in the highest quality and resolution

• Automatic deletion of camera SD card contents after upload is complete

• Automatic sending of highlight videos to your smartphone

• High-quality manual and automatic editing tools within the Quik app

• Up to 50% off accessories and lifestyle products at

• €100 discount on the next purchase of a GoPro camera, available on the first annual renewal

• Free camera replacement if damaged

• Ability to stream live broadcasts via

GoPro subscription includes special benefits such as private sessions for members, virtual and live meetings with GoPro professional athletes and content creators, who share their stories, answer user questions and provide tips and tricks to get the most out of your GoPro. For example, the first of these sessions featured GoPro Snow athletes Jamie Anderson, Chris Benchetler and Ted Ligety sharing their secrets to epic snow-themed content. In the next event, scheduled for June 15, the creators will offer their advice on how to shoot professional-quality footage of their summer adventures.

The chance to receive the GoPro Awards prize pool

Furthermore, from June 1st to October 1st, all GoPro subscribers whose content is re-shared on GoPro’s “global” channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) will be eligible to receive a double GoPro Awards prize pool. This campaign, called “Double the Dollars”, will award selected subscribers $500 for reposted photos of them, and $1,000 for videos, with a prize pool of $250 and $500 for non-subscribers. Users can always submit their own content and participate in other challenges via the Quik App or from the website. A new summer challenge will also be available on June 1 on the GoPro Awards platform.