Dyson Flyaway attachment: definitive for the electrostatic effect

Dyson presented an accessory intended for professional use. The engineers with the Flyaway attachment have conceived an accessory to eliminate the electrostatic effect

Is called Flyaway attachment, and obviously takes advantage of the Dyson Supersonic in order to achieve the desired and sought after effect by the brand.

Dyson engineers based their research by drawing inspiration fromCoanda effect. It is – quoting verbatim – a jet of fluid following the contour of a nearby surface. The structure of the accessory Flyaway attachment in this way it manages to intervene directly on baby hair and hair victims of the electrostatic effect, managing them without using extreme heat. Thus preventing damage to the tissue of the latter.

Consequently, this accessory has not been designed only and exclusively for a professional finish, even at home, but also for keep hair healthy. Being suitable for different types of hair. According to their engineers, reducing the electrostatic effect increases the alignment of the strands and accentuates the natural shine of the hair.

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Dyson Flyaway attachment: definitive for the electrostatic effect

The Coanda effect is not new to Dyson, we had also seen it with Airwrap, which uses the same principle to attract and lift longer hair, pushing the baby hair towards the inland of the lock and hiding them from view. In this regard, here are the words of Emma Sheldon, Dyson Hair Care Category Director;

Our engineers go beyond the conventional. Obsessed with the flow of air, we pushed the potential of the Coanda effect further after observing the “brush and blow dry” technique used by professionals to reduce the electrostatic effect of the hair and hide the baby hair. Traditionally, this technique involves the use of a round brush to divide the hair, while the airflow from the hairdryer is directed to smooth the strand, hiding shorter or broken hair from view. We decided to find an innovative way to mechanize this method for everyday hairstyles. The new accessory uses the Coanda effect to hide flyaways and reduce the electrostatic effect, without exposing the hair to extreme heat damage

Dyson research

The data reported go far beyond 1.14 billion individual data, obtained from studies conducted by more than i 10,000 hours of testing with 420 professional hair stylists in 80 salons around the world. Studies have seen how various professionals used a round brush and hairdryer to straighten their hair, and how i self-styler invece, obviously less experienced, for obvious reasons preferred solutions such as plates with rigid foils which provided for the use of higher temperatures to get the same professional finish. Aiming at this target, Dyson has opted to create a product that at some point would limit this choice of users, as exposure of the hair to higher than normal heat for some time is not healthy for the hair.

Subsequently before arriving at the semicircular curve But, the engineers tested different angles. The first prototypes in fact presented a closed circular ring but. Only later did it become clear that the lower part of the circle was not necessary. About the words of Jen Atkin, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador;

I think we all agree that baby hair and electrostatic effect are a real source of frustration. There is nothing better than the professional finish that a good stylist is able to give to the hairstyle: in fact, the skills of a professional are the secret to taming the annoying flyaways. The latest accessory designed by Dyson responds to the need to give customers the ability to achieve the same “glossy” finish at home – a super sleek finish, alone, not just in the salon

Obviously the accessory presented bases its strength on Dyson Supersonic, it is worth spending a few words on this product. Which currently represents, the fastest hair dryer on the market, up to 6 times faster than other hair dryer motors.

Powered by the powerful digital engine Dyson V9, with his 110,000 revolutions per minute e her compact size, allowed the engineers to place it in the handle for optimal handling, also thanks to its compact size. Continuing, we recall the product in question being equipped with an intelligent heat control, in fact, first it measures the ambient temperature, more than 40 times per second, and then regulates the heat.

Dyson Flyaway attachment: definitive for the electrostatic effect

Here too, Dyson’s goal is to ensure hair health, without damaging it. This prevents damage from extreme heat and preserves the shine of the hair. Finally, the Air Multiplier technology takes care of tripling the air flow to generate a controlled jet high pressure and high speed, for fast and precise drying.

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