Dyson Gen5detect arriva in Italia: 999 euro per catturare anche i virus thumbnail

Dyson Gen5detect arrives in Italy: 999 euros to also capture viruses

Dyson Gen5detect also lands in Italy. The price is binding – 999 euro – but the British company’s new cordless vacuum cleaner promises to capture 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 micronswhich equals the size of the viruses.

But what’s actually new?
There are three main innovations of Gen5detect:

  • the fifth generation engine, which gives the product its name;
  • the HEPA filter, which – as anticipated – traps 99.99% of the particles;
  • the brushwith an improved lighting system.

But let’s go in order.

The new engine

Dyson Gen5detect motore

The fifth generation engine required four and a half years of development and the collaboration of over 100 engineers spread across England, Singapore and Malaysia. To give life to this small, fast and powerful engine are ben 14 production lines with 300 robots that churn out one every 2 seconds.

Than in the past we have more power with 135,000 rpm and ended up at 9 times faster than a Formula 1 engine.

The engineers built this engine around a shorter shaft and combined multiple components into one, to arrive at a more compact format, wrapped in a single precision molded frame, to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

The HEPA filter

Dyson Gen5detect accessori

1.9 meters of HEPA filter.
And yes, you’re probably wondering how it fits. Well it was folded 145 times.
Its job is to filter the air, with the dirty one going in and the clean one going out. Clean because it takes care of catching 99.99% of potentially harmful particles down to 0.1 micron, including viruses. In addition, 14 cyclones remove dust from the air stream, without any loss of suction, ensuring optimal performance during each cleaning.

Does it also filter Covid-19? It has not been tested on this specific virus but on others similar in size so, at least theoretically, it should be able to do it.
And, to be clear, the level of filtration is third party certified and tested so you don’t have to just take Dyson’s word for it.

Are you wondering how much is 0.1 micron?
Know that 70 microns is the size of hair, 30 microns that of a grain of pollen while 0.5 microns are the skin flakes of animals (the ones that actually trigger allergies).

La spazzola Flully Optic

Dyson Gen5detect spazzola fluffy optic

Dyson Gen5detect is equipped with a redesigned Fluffy Optic brush.
Not the brightness has been doubled and able to cover more surface area to allow you to see the microscopic particles hiding in your home.

The positioning of the light source may seem trivial but it was actually placed as low as possible, projecting a blade of light to illuminate the particles deposited on the floors.

The other news of Dyson Gen5detect

It also changes the interface of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.
A piezoelectric sensor uses acoustic sensing to count and classify particle sizes, while bars on the LCD screen rise and fall based on the volume of particles removed in real time, so users know when to pass to the next area and when instead to spend more time cleaning.

Screenshot 2023 05 04 alle 22.54.48

The Gen5 engine also required the development of a new software for monitoring and controlling the speed, power and temperature of the engine itself, which works in parallel with the new user interface, allowing owners to troubleshoot potential problems and maintain machines independently.

We lose the trigger: Now there’s a power button so you don’t have to hold your finger tight while you inhale.
In return we earn an integrated accessory for dusting and cleaning the crevices: Hidden inside the tube is a crevice tool with brush for dusting and cleaning in the tightest of places, saving time between cleaning the floor and other surfaces.

Dyson Gen5detect crevice accessory

The battery guarantees up to 70 minutes of suction, the longest runtime ever achieved by a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. Ten lithium-ion cells with high energy density guarantee powerful suction without loss of performance.

Dyson Gen5detect is available from today to 999 euro.

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