Citroën Italia al Giro-E, dove il ciclismo incontra il mondo dell'elettrificazione thumbnail

Citroën Italia rides in the Giro-E, this is how it meets cycling

Citroën participates in the Giro-E confirming, together with the AG2R Citroën Teamits presence in cycling, a much loved and popular sport with which the Brand shares the values ​​of audacity, exemplary and closeness to people, and in which it makes all its experience and expertise available at the service of mobility.

Born in 2019, the Giro-E is an e-bike experience unique of its kind worldwide, which takes place in the days and on the same roads as the Giro d’Italia – this year scheduled from 6 to 28 May – with the aim of making the public aware of sustainable mobility and all related issues to environmental sustainability. Thanks to the use of e-bikes, which allow normally trained amateur cyclists to tackle the climbs usually reserved exclusively for champions, the event allows all bicycle lovers to experience the Pink Raceof which it follows the path and shares the arrival.

Citroën Italia pedals at the Giro-E

L’2023 edition includes 20 stages, with a daily distance between 70 and 100 kilometres. Unlike the Giro d’Italia, the starting locations and the mileage of each stage change, which is lower.

Citroën Italia, together with its dealer network, participates in the Giro-E 2023 thanks to the team “FLY CITROËN”, concretely demonstrating once again the passion that the Brand shares with this beloved sport.

“FLY CITROËN”, is a cycling team born in 2013 which collaborates with important companies in the sports sector and has been supported by important companies in the pharmaceutical sector. It currently operates in synergy with Citroën Italia, creating events and content aimed at information campaigns regarding the development towards increasingly sustainable future mobility.

Citroën Italia pedals at the Giro E, where cycling meets the world of electrification, source from the press officeCitroën Italia pedals at the Giro E, where cycling meets the world of electrification, source from the press office

Citroën Italia pedals at the Giro-E

The The mission of the “FLY CITROËN” team is to raise people’s awareness and public opinion through socially responsible and increasingly sustainable activities, respecting the planet and people.

On the roads of the Giro-E, the New Ë-C4 X, the most recent 100% electric novelty of the Brand, which will play the role of flagship following the tour, helping to support the commitment towards greater environmental sustainability.

With a decidedly innovative design, the New Ë-C4 X Electric is an attractive and accessible alternative to traditional mid-size SUV models, combining the elegance of a fastback silhouette with the modern look of an SUV and the timeless sophistication of a spacious 4-door. The dynamic lines are enhanced by a wide range of exterior colors, while the interior can be customized with 6 different environments to enjoy your journey.

Citroën Italia pedals at the Giro-E

With an autonomy of 360 km in the WLTP cycle, and electric motor of 100 kW and 136 HP and a quick recharge of 100 km in 10 minutes with Direct Current at 100kW, the New Ë-C4 X will have the important task of demonstrating that an electric car can carry out, without problems, long and demanding journeys, such as an entire Giro d’ Italy.

New ë-C4 X Electric has all the features of the Citroën Advanced Confort® program and the latest generation technologies and driving aids to offer occupants comfort and serenity. In Italy, the range is available in 4 versions: Feel, Feel Pack, Shine and Shine Pack. It also adopts the new My Citroën Drive Plus infotainment system inaugurated on the C5 X.

During the entire duration of the Giro-E and in the following weeks, dedicated events are also scheduled in the Brand’s dealerships, in which the FLY Citroën team itself will participate.

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