Dyson Zone headphones arrive in Italy, with Tananai as ambassador

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The Dyson Zone headphoneswhich combine high quality audio and purified air, arrive in Italy with a special ambassador: Tananai. Who tells us that “Music through headphones is a caress, a hug that I always want to carry with me”.

Dyson Zone, the headphones arrive in Italy with Tananai as ambassador

Headphones Dyson Zone are the first Dyson headphones for the air purification. They were announced last year and officially arrived in Italy a as of May 30, 2023. These over-ear headphones combine state-of-the-art acoustic engineering with air filtration.

Dyson Zone headphones are designed to tackle the double challenge of city noise and air pollution, two increasingly widespread urban problems. In fact, they offer an immersive audio experience with minimal distortion, with advanced noise cancellation and faithful full-spectrum reproduction.

And they have electrostatic filters, which capture the 99% of polluting particles down to 0.1 micronwhile activated carbon filters K-Carbon enriched with potassium they are able to trap the acid gases most associated with urban pollution (including NO2 and SO2). In addition, with the MyDyson app you can monitor the air quality around you in real time.

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Dyson Zone™ headphones are powered by advanced Li-ion batteries and rechargeable via USB-C . They offer 50 hours of battery life in audio mode, or 4 hours of autonomy in combined purification and audio mode. The headphones recharge to 100% in 3 hours. They are available in two colors: Blthe one of Prussia/Copper and Blue of Prussia/Intense blue. The price varies from 899€ a 959€ depending on the accessories included.

Tananai, ambassador of the brand’s first headphones

Music fans know well TananaiItalian singer-songwriter and record producer who achieved fame at the Sanremo Festival 2022. Passionate about music since he was a child, Tananai loves listening to high quality music and for this reason he decided to support the Launch of Dyson’s new audio category, Dyson Zonewhich offers an exceptional listening experience on headphones.

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He explains: “Music is everything to me, it fills almost all of my days, not only when I’m in the studio or on stage, but also in everyday life, at all times. For me it is essential to be able to always listen to it at its best expression and for this Headphones are my best friend: I went to catch flights at airports forgetting my passport at home, but never headphones. Headphone music is a caress, a hug that I always want to carry with me“.

If you too want to do like Tananai and buy headphones, you can do it here.

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