Sony Bravia X90L review: An amazing viewing experience

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€2,000 is not a small amount for a Smart TV and the market offers viable alternatives at less price, but what this one Sony Bravia X90L he manages to offer is worth every penny he asks for. we understand, starting a review by slamming the selling price at the forefront is not in our ropes but it is necessary to help us understand the potential of the Sony Bravia X90L keeping that in mind.

But let’s start in order.

Our review of the Sony Bravia X90L 65″ TV

Let’s start by saying that The Sony Bravia X90L is a high-end television that boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution. This translates into sharp, detailed images, vivid colors and striking contrasts. The version we tested for this review is the one from 65″ that we are going to tell you.


Sony Bravia X90L boasts a refined minimalist design that reduces the frames to the essentials enclosed in a single panel so as to improve the viewing experience. The result is a sleek and sophisticated look that doesn’t get in the way of vision. At the base we find a double aluminum support that can be positioned in three different ways:

  • Standard
  • Tightfor smaller pieces of furniture
  • Soundbarto allow, as the name suggests, the insertion of a soundbar under the TV.

The 65″ version has an important presence (145,2 x 90,5 x 33,8 cm) which, however, fits perfectly with any type of furniture thanks to the above design. Central importance is given to the image in front of which the “skeleton” of the television sets aside so as not to spoil our experience.

However, this should not deceive us, the quality of the materials is very high both in the frame, in the finishes and in the large rear panel. Here we find, in addition to the input of the power cable (included in the package), also the entrances for the connectivity. The set offers two HDMI 2.0 ports and two HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K, two USB 2.0 ports, a set of composite video inputs (via a 3.5mm mini-jack cable), RF inputs for connecting antennas, a optical digital audio out, an Ethernet port and a CI+ slot for pay TV.


If the design is kept to a minimum so as not to distract us from the image, the technology inside is taken to the max. In fact, the XR series of Sony Bravia TVs exploits thecognitive intelligence thanks to the new Cognitive Processor XR. This allows the TV to analyze the contents and recreate them by replicating the ways of listening and seeing of the human brain. It results in focusing on certain points of interest or recreating a sound effect based on the location of the source of that sound. All in favor of an exceptional involvement.

The image quality has also improved since technologies such as the XR Contrast Booster e XR Triluminos Pro which respectively make the peaks of light brighter and the blacks of the shadows deeper and offer natural tones to every detail. These are accompanied by innovative technologies such as Bravia Cam which detects your distance from the TV and adjusts the brightness based on the position of the viewer. Or also XR Clear Image which minimizes blurring and reduces image noise. A real complete set of innovative technologies to obtain the best quality available

The same attention and innovation is also given to audio, a fundamental factor to enjoy a good smart TV. Also in this field, as anticipated, the Cognitive Processor XR comes into play, which makes every sound engaging thanks to a more precise audio position. With technology Acoustic Multi-Audio, we will hear the sound coming exactly from the source creating a perfect harmony between image and sound. Likewise Voice Zoom 2 manages to detect the sound of the voice and amplify its clarity, thanks to an improved filter that reduces ambient noise.

An incredible mix of technology united in one goal: to give us an extraordinary visual experience.

Our test of the Sony Bravia X90L smart TV

For this review, we had the Sony Bravia X90L smart TV on trial for about 3 weeks during which he accompanied us in watching movies, TV series and video games.

Let’s start immediately by reassuring you, that large number of technologies with complex names acts autonomously without the need to set and calibrate them to a true plug-and-play experience effortlessly. And the result is truly exceptional, a really impressive audio-video quality that has managed to transport us into the film or video game of the moment.

For the more geeks obviously there is a series of specific setting and calibration to select according to the genre of entertainment you are watching. Whether it’s sports, cinema or gaming, there’s one or more settings for everyone to really get the most out of what you’re watching.

A TV for gaming

Sony Bravia X90L review

In this regard we open a little section dedicated to video gamesmedia to which this TV lends itself very well, especially with the PlayStation 5. Once the console is connected, Bravia XR will automatically set the gaming mode to minimize lag and maximize responsiveness.

Added to this are also the game settings that have a purple menu of their own to autonomously choose the audio and video characteristics depending, here too, on the genre of game being played.

It so happened that during our test, Final Fantasy XVI also happened to be in our hands (find the review here) which lent itself very well to better savoring the quality of the TV. The 4K and the stable 120FPS were a panacea and allowed us to fully enjoy this exclusive PlayStation 5 and its innovative graphics engine.

The Sony Bravia X90L review in a nutshell

The 65″ Sony X90L immediately proved to be an excellent Smart TV with extraordinary visual and audio performance. Its 4K resolution, HDR technology, smart features and elegant design make it a solid choice for movie lovers and tech enthusiasts looking for a superior viewing experience.

If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality TV, the Sony X90L is definitely an option worth considering.

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