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Dysterra preview: surviving the technology

In this preview we will talk about Dysterra, a first-person survival sci-fi set on a dying planet earth infested with killer robots

Dysterra is a survival in first person set in a dystopian future where humans live in space and are trying to return to a long-abandoned planet earth. This particular setting will simply be the backdrop to the games of the players, who will have to explore a large portion of the planet trying to to survive both to the numerous killer robots that haunt the world either to the other survivors who can’t wait to get their hands on their resources. If you are a survival lover along the lines of Rust then surely Dysterra will have intrigued you and with this preview we will try to make you better understand the actual quality of the title.

Il classico survival

The structure behind Dysterra is basically equal to that of many other survival of this type. At the beginning of your adventure you will have very few supplies available and consequently you will have to start exploring right away to find resources. By exploring the remains of old human cities, you can easily find various useful items, such as canned food to fill the bar. famebatteries to restore energyhealing items and junk with which create the first useful objects to survive.

Unfortunately, however, the objects that are around are not too abundant and once you pass the first hours of the game you will begin to need a lot of materials to crafting weapons and upgrades for your PG. Fortunately, your character is equipped with a comfortable robotic arm that you can exploit for extract a large number of resources from stones, trees, mineral deposits and also from old structures.

Having so many resources will also be essential for l’housingsince in this game you will have the opportunity to freely create foundations in which to live. These shelters can be closed by one password to allow only you and your friends to access it, and within them you can place numerous structures useful. For example you can create machinery able to refine materials, turrets automatic to defend you from enemies and many decorative items to make your bed more comfortable. Unfortunately, however, at present the construction of the bases is a lot cumbersome and moreover it will really consume a lot of resources. This happens because not only will you need a lot of materials to build the foundations and furnishings of the structure, but you will also have to continue to accumulate energy sources to power the generator that keeps all your machinery running.

Dysterra preview: surviving the technology

Hunting for robots – Dysterra preview

During your games on Dysterra you will be forced to fight a great number of dangers. In addition to the other players, in fact, you will also have to face several dangerous animals and, of course, many robot. At the beginning of your game you will mainly be dealing with humanoid-shaped automata that will attack you with their bare hands or with very simple firearms, but as you explore the more remote areas of the map, you may encounter much more dangerous enemies. For example, you may be forced to face very precise snipers, military robots and even real ones war machines that act as bosses.

Fighting against these robotic enemies can be very dangerous, but it also offers several advantages. From the corpse of the enemies you can in fact easily obtain a large number of resources very useful for crafting and upgrading firearms. In addition, the fights will also be a lot funnygiven that one of Dysterra’s greatest strengths is il gunplay. To be a survival in fact the feeling of the weapons is really very good and during the most heated clashes you will almost feel like you are playing a real FPS. Also fortunately unlike many other titles of this type ammunition is very abundant and consequently you will never have to be afraid to exploit them.

Dysterra preview: surviving the technology

A desolate world – Dysterra preview

The game map is really very big for a survival and luckily it is scattered with different points of interest. In fact, in addition to abandoned cities and outposts where to collect resources, sometimes you can also come across real ones robot-protected bases. These structures are teeming with enemies, but many are hiding inside rare treasures and materials which will be very difficult to obtain in other ways.

Unfortunately, however, excluding these specific points of interest, the rest of the map is really very bare. In fact, between one place and another there will always be kilometers and kilometers of truly boring barren landscapes to cross. Also very often some secondary points of interest such as small towns and camps will be almost identical to each othermaking exploration a little fun time.

Dysterra preview: surviving the technology

Technical Uncertainty – Dysterra Preview

For what concern technical sector Dysterra presents several problems. The system requirements required to play this title at their best really are very tall then considering the maximum graphic rendering of the title and, as if that were not enough, it also presents several performance issues. In fact, during our test we found numerous frame drops despite playing on sufficiently powerful PCs. Furthermore, Dysterra fails to stand out also in terms of the artistic side. The dystopian world you will play in is enough banal and this of course is also reflected in the designs of enemies, objects and structures.

Dysterra preview: surviving the technology


Now the point has finally come to take stock of Dysterra. This sci-fi survival is based on all the elements typical of the genre, but unfortunately it does not enrich the formula with anything truly original. However, this does not mean that the title is to be thrown away. In the end Dysterra is a good first-person survival that, especially if played online with friendswill be able to entertain you thanks above all to his ottimo gunplay. Plus the title at the moment it is still far from being completed, so the developers still have a lot of time to make improvements and add new features. In short, if you are a lover of this type of survival, it might be worth keeping an eye on the development of Dysterra.

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