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DYU D3F review: a mini electric bicycle to be discovered

In this article we are going to see the review of the DYU D3F. A mini electric bicycle that remains mini only in size

The DYU D3F is the newest addition to Cyrusher’s catalog, offering a wide variety of options. This specific model was designed to deliver greater agility and to meet the needs of those looking for a bicycle of small size but what does it offer excellent performance.

DYU D3F review: a mini electric bicycle to be discovered

Materials and Design | DYU D3F review

The selection of materials for the construction of this electric bicycle reflects its overall quality. I Selected metals are highly durable he’s able to resist over time.

This small size electric bicycle is extremely handymaking it perfect for moving around easily in the city or in confined spaces.

His aesthetically pleasing design it features a sleek black frame that gives the bike a modern, minimalist look. Thanks to her power supplythis bicycle can offer you a riding experience silent and comfortable.

Il electric motor is strategically placed to ensure the maximum efficiencythe battery is easily accessible ma it cannot be removed for reloading. The Compact wheels ensure stable and safe drivingwhile the saddle is adjustable to accommodate different heights and user preferences.

In summary, this black electric bicycle is an ideal option for those looking for one elegant, handy and sustainable transport solution.

Packaging and assembly | DYU D3F review

DYU D3F electric bicycle comes in a box resistantwhich ensures a good protection during transportation. The box is quite large in size, but don’t exaggerate and contains all the pieces of the bicycle (already assembled except the pedals), including accessories and instruction manual.

Inside the box, the bicycle is packed with a combination of protective materials, such as foam and plasticto protect the most sensitive parts, such as the battery, motor and frame. These protective materials ensure that the bicycle arrives at its destination without damage.

Also included in the box is the chargeralso well packed for avoid damage in transit.

In general, the packaging of the DYU D3F electric bicycle is designed to guarantee maximum protection during transport, in order to deliver a product intact and functional.

Is assembly difficult?

The DYU D3F pedal assisted bicycle, as described, practically arrives already whippedthen the work of assembly is very simple and requires only a few steps.

First, you need to find the pedals in the box and install them on the cranksets. To do this, you screw the left pedal on the left crankset (whose thread is marked with the letter “L”) and the right pedal on the right crankset (whose thread is marked with the letter “R”).

Subsequently, yes opens the folding bikeusually by unhooking the central lock and repositioning the handlebar.

Usage and Performance | DYU D3F review

After traveling many kilometers using the DYU D3Fwe are able to express an opinion on thedriving experience.

On our hikes we purposely technological functions deactivated for a few kilometres of our pedal assisted bicycle. We did it both out of a sense of responsibility and because we believe it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a hybrid experience or wondering “what happens if the battery runs out while I’m out and about?”. During the phases without motor assistance, the Kommoda bicycle works exactly like a normal bicycle, without any additional effort or difficulty in pedaling.

The DYU D3F is a small electric bicycle, equipped with an accelerator located on the right handlebar. The particularity of this model is its own folding structurewith a 14-inch size, which makes it easy to transport and store in small spaces.

The electric motor has a power of 250Wwhich allows the bicycle to reach a maximum speed of 22 km/h. The DYU D3F has only one speed, simplifying driving for the user.

To ensure the safety during night travelthe bicycle is equipped with a LED bulbwhich can be turned on and off easily.

The lithium battery offers a range of approx 30-45 Kmdepending on road conditions and user weight. The bicycle is equipped with a small screen showing four bars, which indicate the battery charge status.

The DYU D3F has one lightweight aluminum constructionwith a adjustable saddle and handlebars to adapt to the different heights of the users. In addition, it has disk brakes for safer braking.

DYU D3F review: a mini electric bicycle to be discovered

Who should buy this mini electric bicycle?

In conclusion, the DYU D3F is an electric bicycle from particular characteristics which convinced us. Her peculiarities won us over.

In summary, the DYU D3F is a unique electric bicycle, suitable for daily usesuch as for a tour in the town centre, to go to work or for a walk.

The possibility of fold it up and carry it it really makes it special. However, it would have been nice to have the option to placedand different speeds and remove the battery.

The DYU D3F can be purchased on the official website at the price of 519€.

What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment below and read on to stay updated on last news and not only.

Plus points

  • Excellent materials
  • Good badness
  • Resealable

Points against

  • Only one selectable speed