e-Novia supports PoliMOVE on the occasion of the Indy Autonomous Challenge

e-Novia sostiene PoliMOVE in occasione dell'Indy Autonomous Challenge thumbnail

Among the many initiatives staged on the occasion of CES 2022 di Las Vegas there was also there Indy Autonomous Challenge held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and also took part in the event E-Bride who claimed PoliMOVE. The team achieved a record result reaching the fastest speed ever for an autonomous vehicle.

e-Girlfriend holds the record of the PoliMOVE team

The Team PoliMOVE, led by Sergio Savaresi, professor of the Department of Electronic Information and Bioengineering of the Politecnico di Milano and supported by e-Novia registered a absolute record. In fact, on January 4th, during the official tests of the competition, the Team reached the speed record for a self-driving vehicle tapping a top speed of 175,96 mph, equal to over 280 km / h. The Indy Autonomous Challenge was then an opportunity for the teams involved to test themselves with an unprecedented level of challenge for an autonomous vehicle. In fact, along the competition circuit, the vehicles had to face high-speed routes with the need to avoid collisions and implement all the systems useful to reduce times.

The company comment

Vincenzo Russi, Co-Founder and CEO of e-Novia, declared: “The results achieved in a competition that involves excellence from all over the world confirm the innovation capacity of the country and its polytechnic talents also in the development of autonomous driving systems capable of defining new standards and solutions that will contribute to the profound changes in industry and mobility. An industrial challenge capable of responding to the need for sustainable mobility on a global scale. E-Novia’s vehicular robotics solutions are created using engineers, technologies and an industrial ecosystem that shows excellence in this sector as well. “