Three Sisters: Enrico Vanzina’s film on Amazon Prime Video

The latest film by Enrico Vanzina, Tre Sorelle, coming to Amazon Prime Video. An all-female romantic comedy, with an exceptional cast.

Available from January 27 on Amazon Prime Video, the latest unmissable film by Enrico Vanzina. An all-female comedy, entitled Three sisters, with an exceptional cast played by Serena Autieri; Giulia Bevilacqua; Chiara Francini; Rocío Muñoz Morales; and the extraordinary participation of Fabio Troiano e Luca Ward.

Once again the Italian director and screenwriter, with this film offers an ironic and cutting story on the evolution of our society. A contemporary choral fresco surrounded by sophisticated female portraits.

Three Sisters: Enrico Vanzina's film on Amazon Prime Video

Three Sisters: the strength and fragility of women

Set between Rome and the Circeo, the plot follows the events of the Three Sisters to the “filming” of strong love dramas.

Marina (S.Autieri), Sabrina (G. Bevilacqua) and Caterina (C. Francini), following the end of their relationships, decide to spend the summer holidays together, looking for a new balance. To add to the list of broken hearts, also the appearance of Lorena (Rocío Muñoz Morales), Marina’s young masseuse, also struggling with a sentimental drama.

Their apparent calm, ready to break their petty bourgeois habits. In fact, the entry on the scene of Antonio (Fabio Troiano), will be the reason for everything … except stability.

According to the director’s statements, the film represented a great challenge, as:

It was a romantic comedy and having to entrust the “comedy” part to an almost totally female cast was a big news. In the end, however, I got the result I wanted. I spent a lot of time during the shoot on acting, to keep the “tone” always up to the intentions.

Previewed at the Capri Hollywwod, in collaboration with RTI and Amazon Prime Video itself. A simple and sincere story with a lot of good humor and reflection.

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