E3 2021: Babylon’s Fall is shown in a new trailer

After disappearing from the radar for months, Babylon’s Fall, the new work by Platinum Games, showed up during the Square Enix conference of E3 2021

Surprisingly announced during a State of Play two years ago, and briefly revised last year at the Tokyo Game Show 2020, by Babylon’s Fall they had literally gone missing. The new action by Platinum Games, and directed to PS4 and PC, in fact, since its announcement it has always sipped its appearances with extreme parsimony, giving fans more than a doubt about the actual state of the work of this mysterious game. Fortunately, it has come to the rescue of all fans Square Enix Presents held during theE3 2021, during which the title again rose to prominence.

E3 2021: Babylon’s Fall is shown in a new trailer

During the conference held on the occasion of the Los Angeles event, although virtual, the Platinum Games title was shown in a new trailer. Some news has also been spread about the possibility of facing the dungeons together with some friends (up to 4 players simultaneously). To conclude the trailer, the confirmation of the dedicated release for PS5, in addition to those announced for PS4 and PC.

What do you think of what has been shown to date regarding Babylon’s Fall? The new signed work intrigues you Platinum Games? We are eager to hear your impressions, which we invite you to share with us at TechGameWorld.com via the comments section.

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