E3 2021: Microsoft may announce the acquisition of a studio

Microsoft could use its panel during the 2021 edition of E3 to announce the successful acquisition of a new studio

According to a rumor, Microsoft will use its panel at E3 2021 to announce theacquisition of an new study game development. The company owned by Bill Gates is certainly not new to this type of operation: it has only recently completed the acquisition of Bethesda and, even before the release of these rumors, it was known that it was looking for other realities to integrate into your system.

Microsoft: that’s why it could announce the acquisition of a studio during E3 2021

The rumor that Microsoft wants to be ready to announce the acquisition of a studio during the next E3, which will begin on June 13, comes from the Twitter account of the industry journalist Jez Corden. The latter, at first, was limited to answer to a question stating that, as reported to him by reliable sources, there was one good chance that Microsoft announced at least one acquisition at its conference. When his words, also thanks to the re-tweet of another user, reached a very large audience, Corden specified that have no definitive proof in this regard, but he nevertheless reiterated that he considered the announcement very likely.

If you look at Microsoft’s recent history, you can see who the company is usual use this type of appointment to advertise the merger of development studies. If then from one side it is legitimate think that these rumors are well founded, however, we must be careful not to get carried away byhype: as Corden himself said, even if an acquisition is really revealed, it’s not for sure whether this concerns a famous or highly resourceful studio.

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