E3 2021: presented Wartales, from the creators of Northgard

In the PC Gaming Show conference that took place in this 2021 edition of E3, there was room for many noteworthy announcements: one of these is Wartales, a medieval role-playing game developed by Shiro Games, already known for Northgard

Shiro Games is an independent development studio based in Bordeaux, France. Since their birth back in 2012, titles like Evoland, Evoland 2 e Northgard. Those who follow the indie scene will certainly recognize their importance, the number of titles published so far is not very high. Well, during the last conference of the PC Gaming Show of E3 2021, the team presented itself with a new, intriguing project that responds to the name of Wartales. Let’s see below what it is.

E3 2021: everything we know about Wartales

Wartales presents itself as a medieval role-playing game, in which we the players take command of one band of mercenaries in a world ravaged by pestilence. The battles that will take place during the course of the game will therefore be molded tactical turn-based, with isometric view. Also noteworthy are the statements of the director of the project, Nicolas Cannasse, who confirmed to PC Gamer that the title it won’t have a fantasy setting (and will therefore be devoid of all the elements that characterize the genre), but instead it will be medieval: a clear decision, which can only increase our curiosity towards the title.

The release of the game is, for now, scheduled for this 2021 (even if we don’t have a specific date). In the meantime, if you want to stay updated on E3 2021 (here the recaps of the Microsoft & Bethesda, Square Enix and PC Gaming Show conferences) and on Wartales, stay tuned to the TechGameWorld.com pages. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.

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