E3 2022 has been officially canceled

E3 2022 è stato ufficialmente cancellato

As much as today may make us think that this is a joke, it is not an April Fool: for the second time in just 3 years, E3 2022 has been officially canceled. Let’s see the background together below, and what awaits us for the future

The growing indifference of the public towards the videogame fair par excellence is making itself felt: it was in fact recently made official that, for the second time in 3 years, E3 2022 has been canceled. In addition to the absence of the live event (which we already knew), there will not even be the online one. This decision comes after a period of crisis: in addition to the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to Covid-19, in recent years there has been a general decrease in interest from large publishers towards the fair, preferring instead to present their products through independently managed shows.

E3 2022 canceled: how it happened and what awaits us for the future

In recent months, a rumor had actually spread about the possible cancellation of the online event, which was confirmed last night (to show you once again that it is not an April Fool). The announcement originally came from Will Powers on Twitter, and then it was confirmed by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), which is the association that organizes the event.

After confirming that E3 2022 has been canceled, ESA released a further statement, posted on IGN, stating that they are preparing their show for a comeback in style next year and that part of the reasons that led to the cancellation is that you want to allow the organization to focus its limited resources to make next year’s edition even more grandiose.

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